Burberry’s Social Media Strategy

Burberry is always one of the more popular shows at London Fashion Week because of its iconic name and timeless styles. This is why Burberry has taken its social media strategy to new heights.

Last year the brand was the first to live tweet looks before they hit the runway – a revolutionary way for the public to view the collection if they’re not sitting front row with magazine editors, top stylists and well-dressed celebs. But this year Burberry revamped the idea by adding a beauty booth to the mix. The beauty booth better known as #beautybooth on Twitter, is a Burberry-specific photo booth where models hop in, take photos and share them with the twittersphere. The twist is, in each photo a card is held up by the models with a certain twitter handle on it. Burberry Twitter followers had the chance to be part of the experience by following and taking part in the hashtag conversation. Several Burberry followers were selected at random and were given a shoutout!  Burberry Tweets

Being the fashion-loving social media geek that I am, I was absolutely obsessed with this campaign to incorporate fashion with REAL people. I struggle with the idea of live streaming fashion shows because it takes away from the exclusivity of fashion weeks and makes the jobs of bloggers and magazine editors a little less meaningful, if you will. If everyone and anyone has the opportunity to view a collection as it debuts, the point of fashion week deteriorates. But this particular campaign by Burberry is very well executed. It keeps people guessing about the collection, has the opportunity to create customer loyalty, it follows the trend of fashion meets beauty and it’s just down right creative. Kudos to the genius who came up with this idea. You’re going to be getting a phat check soon, my friend!

Karlie Kloss in the Burberry #beautybooth

Karlie Kloss in the Burberry #beautybooth


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