Personal Favorite: Rebecca Minkoff

There was something in the Rebecca Minkoff fall/winter 2013 collection for everyone. Each look had layers of styled pieces that translated to “street chic”, “girly girl”, “androgynous” and “work and play” which overall made this a perfect RTW collection.

As models strutted down the runway to a live band (which was super fun to experience) the looks included delicate fur accents, lots of colorful patterns and modern meets space looks.  The spacey potion of the collection was inspired by a quote from Mr. Space himself, Neil Armstrong: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” Minkoff noted the lineup was an “ode to Neil.”

Images via

Images via

But the real crowd pleaser was sort of unexpected when two sculpted sheath dressed were sent down the runway towards the end of the show. Made with bold colors, these dresses were exceptional creations and lovely additions to the fall/winter 2013 collection.



Rebecca Minkoff just might be a new personal favorite…fabulous!


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