The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Branded Clothes & Accesories

Brand names. We all know them, but how much do we really love them? When wearing brand names, you’ve got to be careful to not plaster them over your entire outfit. Keep it trendy, but also keep it classy. Check out some tips on how to tastefully wear brand names. 


Avoid shouting the brand’s name too much

No, we don’t mean literally – this is more about how many times the brand name is emblazoned on your shirt, bag or the back of your jacket. The reasons why people buy branded products vary, but generally it is because they are a believer in high quality and because they want to portray a certain image. That does not, however, mean, that you need to have a brand name scrawled all over every single item that you wear. Wearing an outfit like this can totally devalue the worth of the brand, and it can make you look cheap – not what you want when you’ve spent a lot of money on top quality designer goods!

Mix things up

Ever thought about wearing high street and designer at the same time? Or mixing branded clothing with something reclaimed or vintage? Experimenting with your look this way is a great way to broaden your fashion repertoire, and you create some pretty interesting looks along the way. For example, why not wear the iconic Adidas originals alongside a vintage day dress for a cute and quirky look? Or layer a designer sweater over some distressed, ripped boyfriend jeans. The contrast of old meets new makes for a fascinating vibe and means that your outfit will really stand out in a crowd.

Stick to your personal taste

One mistake many people make when it comes to wearing branded clothes is that they assume that whatever the item is, it will look good simply because a designer has made it. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. You still need to bear in mind a lot of different things when buying top-end fashion – the prime one being whether the piece actually suits you or not. Take into account your body shape and what colors suit you when choosing a branded piece of clothing. No matter how expensive it was, it won’t look good if it’s the wrong shape, size or shade for your body. Remember that money can’t buy taste, so don’t buy something flashy just for the sake of it.

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10 Things You Need to Know About The District Detroit & Little Ceasars Areana


With the anticipation getting stronger for the completion of Little Caesars arena, my visit to The District Detroit Welcome Center made me want to share some exciting findings with all of my Detroit players!



Thanks to Visit Detroit and Travel Massive, I was able to get a glimpse of what’s to come over the next few years between Little Caesars Arena, and the surrounding area. So, without further ado, here are 10 things you need to know about The District Detroit (Detroit’s entertainment block including Comerica Park, The Fox Theater, Ford Field, and Little Caesars Arena)!



The District Detroit: 

  1. The District Detroit is the largest privately-led urban development.
  2. It is the first street corner in America with 5 pro teams within blocks of each other – Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, and the soon-to-be pro soccer team!
  3. By 2020, all the arenas will no longer sit in a sea of parking, rather,  retail, food, and entertainment.
  4. A currently un-named, 200-room, 5 star hotel will be coming to the district; and it will cater to athletes and entertainers.
  5. Little Caesars Arena will be the loudest arena in the US! It’s architecture is a mix of Madison Square Garden and an arena in Montreal, CA.
  6. The arena will seat 20,000.
  7. Little Caesars Arena will be an entertainment center that will be hip on a cold February night! A space similar to the High Line in NY will be constructed for patrons to enjoy even when there’s not an event happening.
  8. Little Caesars Arena will house a three-story brewery! The name cannot be released yet, but we do know their brand color is BLUE.
  9. No steps, no ramps. At Little Caesars Arena, you’ll be able to walk right in to your section from the street.
  10. The District Detroit will not get a movie theater even though it’s wanted by many. The development feels as though theaters will soon be a thing of the past. 😦

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An Unconventional Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Hallmark Holidays, I can’t help but think, why do we have to set aside just one day to express our love? Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day (Midwest holiday for women to cater to their men). We get pumped up with pomp and circumstance because card companies tell us to. But you know what, at the end of the day it is a great excuse to get cute!

So to express my love/hate relationship for these holidays, this year, my Valentines Day look will be unconventional.

Typically Valentine’s Day ensembles call for red, pink, or lots of hearts. Not for this girl. Date night for Valentine’s Day this year will include leopard print and a single hint of red. Do ya see it?


I’ll rock with you babe. So to show my love, I’ve got this tee from H&M, pulled together with a leather skirt originally from Francesca’s but most recently from Krystina’s closet. And to keep warm, a faux fur coat to hang over my shoulders for affect.

Black and grey with subtle hints of drama make for an edgy, unconventional Valentine’s Day #ootd.



Do February 14th a little different this time around and wear something you’d never wear. Also, let’s spread love outside of Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day. More chocolate and flowers on random days, boys and girls! ❤️

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Closet Purge Dance Party

You guys want to know the best way to purge your closets? Turn on some music, have a dance party, and play dress up!


We all know the saying, “Closet full of clothes, nothing to wear.” It’s a new year now, so why don’t we grab that saying by the balls and get rid of all the stuff in our closets we’ll never wear again?!

Yes, closet purging can be a drag, but it’s a lot easier than you think to have some fun with it.


A few weekends ago, I visited my amazing friend Krystina in Chicago, and we channeled our inner Erika Jayne, pumped up the tunes, sipped a little wine and played dress up. I walked away with some great dresses to add to my collection and was inspired to do some serious closet cleaning of my own.

It certainly helps that me and Krystina wear the same size and have similar taste in style, but you can still call up all your gal pals for a purge party. You never know who can wear what. And anything that doesn’t go home with your friends, donate. There’s always the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and don’t forget many local schools have donation programs too.



So crank up the jams, pour up the wine and clean those closets!

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The Most Fashion Forward Cars at NAIAS 2017

I like my cars like I like my clothes: well-made, stylish, and the perfect color. The newest selection of vehicles at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) brought all the style and checked all the boxes.


I partnered with She Buys Cars and The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), premier sponsor of NAIAS to bring you a peek at what you’ll see at this year’s Detroit Auto show, plus school you a little bit on the benefits of purchasing a steel-made vehicle. Have you ever thought about what your car is made of and how it can affect you and the environment? Bet you will now!

SMDI aims to accelerate innovation in the automotive industry by spreading the good word about steel. For starters, steel is a performance leader because of its superior strength, and lightweight durability. Plus, steel-made vehicles are much easier to repair. And did you know steel has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions? Today’s steels are as much as six times stronger than steels of a decade ago and three to four times stronger than the latest aluminum alloys on the market.


So as you walk through the show floor at this year’s auto show, remember – only one material is Accelerating Innovation through increased performance, value and sustainability. You can follow the steel story during NAIAS on Twitter via #SteelMatters.

Now that I dropped a little knowledge on you, take a look at my picks for the most fashion forward rides at NAIAS 2017.

2018 Kia Stinger

 Kia Stinger

Hello, red hot ride! The reveal of the 2018 Kia Stinger was a jaw-dropper as this sleek and sporty machine alters the collection of Kia vehicles, and in a good way.

2018 Jeep Compass

 Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass Grey

Jeep Compass Grey

The newly designed Jeep Compass got some major upgrades this year when it comes to style. New body type, fun colors, and all around great looking ride. As a current Jeep owner, I was very pleased to see this little beauty.

Mazda MX-5 RF

Mazda MX-5 RF

I’m not one to pay attention to super sporty cars, but this little baby caught my eye instantly. The interior reminds me of something straight out of a 007 film. Vroom vroom, my friends.

Black Label Lincoln MKX

Black Label Lincoln MKX

Luxury goals! I have had my eye on Lincolns recently, so naturally I had to visit the Lincoln display at NAIAS. I was pleasantly surprised to find the seats offer a massage and the black on cream interior is quite classy (I typically go for black interior). Best part of this car? It’s made of steel, as are all Lincoln vehicles excluding the Navigator.

Honorable mentions:

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

The first car I purchased on my own was a little red Toyota Corolla I named Lola Perez. So of course I appreciate the upgraded features of the newest Corolla, and was happy to find out the car is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And how fab is this color?

2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept

2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept

There’s a built in closet. *drops the mic*

NAIAS 2017 is open to the public January 14-22. Get all the information you need here. Enjoy the auto show!

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Easy Ways To Make Your Style Perfect For Your Personality

It’s so easy to follow others when it comes to fashion. After all, we feel like we should be wearing particular styles as they are currently on-trend. But if you are always following the crowd, it can be hard to show off your personality to the rest of the world. So, here are some easy ways to make your style perfect for your personality.


Look into independent stores

When go shop at main retailers, it’s hard to find clothing which is unique. In fact, you’re bound to spot other people wearing your same pieces while you’re out and about. Easy fix? Shop at independent retailers. Quirky markets and charity stores are also perfect for finding some unique clothing.

Show off your favorite things

As much as plain tees are perfect for going with everything, they don’t really show off your unique personality. So why not wear something that will give people an insight into what you love? For example, you might want to opt for a top which has an uplifting slogan. Or you could consider going for movie t-shirts so that people know what you are into. Wearing something like this can be a great talking point if you are out on the town!

Trust your gut

Sometimes people pick out clothing they would love to wear in another lifetime. And they often put it back as they are worried about what it would like and what people might think. But if you want to make your style fitting for your personality, don’t worry about those around you, trust your gut! As this article says, be true to yourself and express who you are with your clothing.

Opt for your favorite colors

For a lot of people, they stick to black and white when it comes to clothing. But it’s time to show off your personality by going for your favorite colors. If you love yellow, why not choose a brightly colored dress which will give your life some sunshine? Or you could even go for a purple top if you love the vibrant color. You will be surprised how much you can lift your mood and your style if you go for one of your favorite colors when it comes to clothing.

Choose funky accessories

Even if you stick with classic choices such as an LBD, you can make it more unique by going for funky accessories. You can easily change the whole outfit by opting for a bright and colorful scarf. Or adding a stylish belt, or wearing some funky earrings can give it a touch of you!

And remember to keep note of styles you love in magazines and on the net. You might even spot a style which is totally you on your favorite TV show.

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Red Hot Kiss

Pucker up for your holiday parties with the perfect red lippie. My recommendation? Beso by Stila. It’s the perfect red color that works on any completion, goes on smooth, and will last until your midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve.


Pro tip. Once applied, add a faint glitter gloss to top it off with some shimmer and to add some extra staying power.

If you know me, I’ve only recently, over the past year, started to get into lipstick. I tend to stick to pinks or muted, deep reds but every lady needs a good red hot lipstick. This is my go-to thanks to my girl, Jen.


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