4 Ways To Look Well-Groomed On A Small Budget

One would think looking effortless actually includes no effort. But sadly, that’s not the case. It still takes time and money to look a certain way. So how do you achieve a well-groomed look on a small budget? Here’s how! 

  1. Cover The Basics

Hairstyle – Hair covers your head, so it’s the first thing many people see or notice, so hair is something you can’t skimp on. Ensure your hair is in good condition, maintained, and trimmed regularly to keep it healthy. To save on cash, but still look good, shop around for stylists who offer loyalty rewards and reasonable pricing. This is good especially if you color your hair and need to stay on top of a good dye job. And if your hair is longer, have a few simple styles you can create if you’re in a rush.

Shoes – Shoes! You literally can never have too many shoes. But be wise in your choices when adding to your collection. Look for clearance shoes or wait for the sales. Also be sure to maintain your footwear by keeping them clean and polished. When the heel is worn, take them to the cobbler. Many local shoe repairmen can work their magic for a fair price. And here’s a secret tip: keep a shoe shine sponge in your bag.


Makeup – When it comes to makeup, you have to find a look that suits you. I, for one, am not huge on makeup, but have come to adore a good lip and mascara to add a little pop. But like many other things, makeup is based on the individual person. Start with a good primer. This makes all the difference when applying the rest of your makeup because it can provide a smooth surface. Match your skin type with a good foundation cream, and if you get this right, everything else will follow. Keep a makeup bag with your essentials in case you need to re-apply throughout the day, and for makeup basics such as mascara, check which items are in the sale.

  1. Staples

When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s not always about keeping up with all the latest trends. So think style, rather than fashion. Invest a few key pieces that will last for years. Opt for classic items that will not go out of style after one season. And be sure to think about your specific lifestyle and the outfits you need to succeed. Your staples may include:

  • Skirts/trousers for the office that will work for evenings too
  • Simple blouses and tops that can be dressed up or down
  • Jackets
  • Jumpers/cardigans
  • Dresses, including maxi dresses for the summer

Once you have your basics in place, you can then mix and match to alternate outfits. Versatility is key!

  1. Keep It Simple

If you want to appear well-groomed, keep it simple. Don’t go overboard in your choices. Opt for simple shapes and silhouettes and build from there.

Ensure your outfits are coordinated. Look for different combinations to mix it up a little.

Simple Dress

  1. Accessorize

When money is tight, accessories can for sure be your friend. They can transform outfits, making them appear completely different. Look for items that can be used in different ways. For example, scarves and belts. Invest in a mixture of jewelry, from fine jewelry to costume jewelry. If you’re trying to make an outfit appear more expensive, accessorize with gold or silver jewelry. A smart belt can also lift a simple dress.

Looking fabulously put together is about simplicity, style, and creative flair.

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Recommendations for the Best Places to Travel to, For the Best Food You Will Ever Taste

If you follow me on social media, you’d notice I’ve been quite the traveler lately. And what’s one of the best things about traveling? Trying to food! Check out some of the places I’m looking to get to next to get a taste of delicious food.


Who doesn’t love Thai food? It’s one of a kind and so tasty and delicious. So why not try Thai straight from the source? Be sure to try an authentic Pad Thai if you ever visit. When in Rome, right? As menus are in Thai, it can be a bit confusing to know what is good to choose from. Have a look at http://www.bangkok.com/food-top10.htm for some more recommendations.



I can’t mention food without mentioned our beloved Chicago – Michigan’s neighbor! It might not be a place known for it’s fine dining, but there is delicious food to be had none the less. One of the first things you have to have if you are visiting Chicago is a pizza pie. It is just as you might imagine, and just as calorific! It is a must, though, and it is super tasty. A Chicago-style hot dog is a good idea to try too. The street vendors sell amazing ones, so make sure you give it a try.

Chicago Dog



Don’t forget about our friends to the north in Canada. Did you know that Canada is home to some pretty epic farmers markets?  Canada also has some of the best wine and fruits in the Nova Scotia area. Plus think of the maple syrup at every corner! Perfect to team up with some meats, cheeses, and bagels in you are in the French Canadian area of the country. Pretty much drooling right now. Just a little side note: If you aren’t a Canadian citizen, then you need to apply for a vacation visa for your trip. Even if you are American. You could look at https://official-canada-eta.com on how to apply. 
Can’t wait to make my next stop and try some good eats and drinks! 

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Celebrate In Style With These Incredible Party Ideas


When you’ve got some great news, it’s always fun to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with some incredible food and friends? It’s a great audience for a special announcement, and it’s the perfect event for a toast. If you’re planning to celebrate in style, then check out some of these incredible party ideas:

Fancy Foods

When you have a group of people over, chances are you want to impress them! Put out a couple of fancy platters to show them just how special they are. It’s the perfect accompaniment to good news as well. Choose from black caviar, crab bites, or Foie Gras toasties. You might lay on a fancy platter of fruits drizzled in a sumptuous coulee. Of course, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you might want to start with an indulgent prawn cocktail and work your way up to a spectacular main course.

Pumping Music

When you’re celebrating, you’re going to be in the party spirit. Of course, everyone else who doesn’t know your news yet may need a little encouraging! Some upbeat numbers are going to get everyone up and dancing. The volume doesn’t need to be too loud just yet. Remember, your guests are just getting warmed up! Find some great playlists online to help you put everyone in a great mood. Then gather them round to let them know why they’re there. After your announcement, why not pick the perfect track to accompany the great news?

Dressed Up

Even if you’re hosting your big event at home, there is never any excuse for wearing your jog bottoms and slippers at a party. Make the most of the evening by buying a new dress and getting your hair and makeup done at the salon. And don’t feel weird about wearing your stilettos in the living room! Getting dressed up is one of the best parts of celebrating something incredible. Why not throw a costume or theme party? It adds to the fun and could be relevant to your celebration too.


Of course, most parties feature a fair amount of booze. But when you’re celebrating, do it in style with some champagne for your toasts. Pitchers of cocktails like Pina Colada or Sex On The Beach will make everyone’s party amazing. You might need a fridge full of beers too. Don’t be afraid to serve white and red wines at your party. They are often more popular than spirits and mixers because they’re easier to measure in a party environment.


You don’t have to a celebration at home. You can hire a venue for the night. It might be a fancy function room in a hotel. Or maybe you can take over the local pub for the evening. If it’s a hot summer night, you might even opt for a pool party if you have one.

Any good news or event is cause for a celebration. And a celebration is a great excuse for a big party with all your friends and family. Enjoy it in style.

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The Ultimate Party Drinks Guide For A DIY Party

If you’re thinking about hosting a great party this summer, you may also be considering hiring some catering and bar staff to serve your guests. Of course, this is really expensive to do, and your budget may not stretch very far. Instead, why not consider doing it yourself? A party is all about the ambiance and the music. It doesn’t need to be high-end or sophisticated. When a group of friends gathers, they want to spend time together. So here’s how to put it all together without breaking the bank. 


Who doesn’t love a fab cocktail?! You can produce some large pitchers of cocktails and hand out glasses as guests are arriving. The most popular cocktails are Pina Coladas, Mojitos, and Sex on the Beach. Fortunately, these are all quite easy to make and sit well in the pitcher for pouring. Make sure you have a good supply of Schnapps, Rum and vodka to keep them going. ;) 





Although I may seem like a cocktail girl, beer is a personal favorite of mine. And the favorite of a lot of male guests, too. If you don’t have a huge fridge for storing bottles or cans,  consider some buckets of ice for keeping bottles of beer chilled. Low-calorie beers have become really popular, especially for summer when we’re all pretending to watch our waistline. They also tend to be sold in slightly smaller bottles so more will fit in the fridge. Also be sure to keep a few openers handy for those awkward tops. 


If you’re not sure which wines are best for that party vibe, then buy in a few different bottles. If you look at sites like www.wine.net/wine-types/ you’ll see that wines can be categorized by more than just red or white. There are plenty of varieties that can be drunk alone, and there are also a few that make great non-alcoholic wines for those needing a lighter drink.




Soft Drinks

If you buy in tins of soda, you’ll need to keep them cool. Alternatively, have plenty of ice cubes on hand to chill the drinks when they’re poured into a glass. You could also offer fruit juices or squashes as a healthier alternative. Why not whip up some virgin cocktails and punch? They’re great fun to drink, and you’re still fit to drive home after!


You don’t need to cater dozens of meals to enjoy a great party. Nibbles are perfect for grazing through the evening. Healthy options include nuts and fruit kebabs. You may also have some chips in a bowl. Perhaps you’ve cooked up some party food for a platter ahead of the party. If so, you may also need to provide a few bowls and plates.

Hosting a party doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to do. Plan ahead so you can buy in enough of each drink to keep your guests going. Of course, you may need lots of extra glasses! See if you can borrow some from friends, or try some party cups. Enjoy.

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Target Style: Who What Wear

Recently, my life has been super hectic, not leaving a lot of time for much needed retail therapy. So when I get a moment to shop, I hop in Target for a quick fashion fix. I typically peruse the sale rack for a little stylish pick-me-up, and work my way around to the regular priced items last. Because adulting and saving money is a real thing, the sale rack has become my shameless go-to. However, there are times when I have to spring for a great full price item like this trench vest from the Who What Wear collection.



Although it wasn’t on the sale rack, it still was reasonable at only $40. Plus, it’s a staple piece that can be worn for multiple occasions, with multiple looks. This neutral colored trench vest can be worn with a dress, denim, leggings, or if I’m feeling sassy, I can zip it up and rock it as a dress. The possibilities are numerous!



Thank you to Target and Who What Wear for creating this affordable, and fashion-forward collection perfect for the busy girl who seeks effortless style. See the full collection here.

Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea

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Show Yourself Some Love: Simple Everyday Tips

We’re used to taking care of other people. We look after our partners and children. We look in on our parents and check they have everything they need. We help colleagues out of jams, and we’re always there for our friends. But when do we take the time to take care of ourselves?

Practicing self-compassion and looking after ourselves is often incorrectly dubbed as selfish. But just know, taking care of yourself is necessary to your well-being. It can help with mood and even prevent certain illnesses. The following tips are simple things we can do for ourselves every day.


love yourself


Treat Yourself

Just as you would treat a friend if they were feeling a bit low, apply this to yourself. It needn’t be extravagant. Fresh flowers or a bottle of nail polish would suffice. Just a little something to perk you up.

Take Yourself On A Date

You don’t have to wait for friends or partners. Sometimes it’s good to spend time by yourself. Take yourself off to the cinema, or go and see an exhibition at a museum or art gallery. Just going for a quiet walk can also be beneficial.

Cook Yourself A Meal

The next time you have a night alone, cook yourself a special meal. Don’t just throw something in the microwave or order take-out. Cook yourself something fabulous. Find a recipe you haven’t tried before and go shopping for the ingredients. Experiment and look at different countries for inspiration. For example, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries have some delicious dishes. Cook with herbs, spices and popular condiments for Asean cuisines, and then pop open a good bottle of wine to complement the dish.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Often the inner critic can be a formidable force. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Going over and over an issue is pointless and only brings unhappiness. Learn from it and let it go! 

Take Care Of Your Body

Show your body some TLC by feeding it healthy, tasty food. Don’t load it full of processed junk food. Take time over your meals and give them some thought. Shop for fresh, healthy ingredients, and look for healthy recipes.

Dress For Yourself

Even if you’re not around other people, dress up. Do your hair and makeup and paint your nails to look pretty for yourself. Wear clothes that you love and you feel good in. Slip into some clothes that reflect your taste and personality.

Do Things You Enjoy

No matter how busy you are, do the things that you love. And do them often. This could be as simple as reading. Or if extreme sports are more your thing, do that too. Whatever fills you with joy and passion, do it.

Taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves makes us better people. It helps us to form relationships and makes us more contented with our lives. Ultimately it leads to a healthier mind and body.

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Top Reasons To Buy A Maxi Dress This Summer


As summer starts to get closer and closer, women everywhere are starting to plan their summer wardrobes. Stores are filling up with swimwear, shorts, and sandals in preparation for the warmer temperatures we have in store. One essential summer item that returns year after year is the maxi dress. Long dresses were once only worn and associated with weddings and formal occasions, but maxi dresses and their long hemlines have changed our styling habits becoming a summer wardrobe essential. Check out some reasons why you need a few maxi dresses in your closet. 

maxi dress 1

Maxi dress 2

You can dress them up or down

One of the amazing things about maxi dresses is their flexibility. You can wear a maxi dress to almost any occasion or outing, and it will always look fabulous. Maxi dresses are fab with wedges and look great with layered necklaces for a wedding or date night. Or, you can wear them with a large sweatshirt and trainers for a more casual look. A black maxi dress is a particularly versatile piece as it can be worn with most colors and a number of accessories. Look at Lookbook to see how other people have styled their maxi dresses for ideas and inspiration.

They are comfortable

If you’re like me, comfort is something you look for in your clothing; and maxi dresses are renowned for being comfortable to wear. Their long silhouette and flowing fabric allows your body to move freely and stops it from feeling constricted. Maxi dresses are ideal for busy days at work, shopping trips, or romantic walks on a summer night. Whether you decide to wear them on their own or layer them with other pieces, they will always provide the movement and comfort you need.

They suit all body types

Maxi dresses are flattering for all body types. Their flowing fabric gives a slimmer and taller appearance while covering up the parts of our bodies we’d ether not expose. Bur just remember, it doesn’t matter what dress size you are or how tall you stand, there is a maxi dress that will suit. Try on a few different styles to find one that works for you.

So find a maxi dress, or three, that makes you look glamorous and feel comfortable before summer arrives! 

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