Essentials to Sexy with Adore Me

This summer I have been dabbling a little more on the sexier side, letting my freak flag fly! Ok, not so much, but I have come out of my shell more than ever before. So when Adore Me asked that I share my sexy summer essentials, I was more than excited.

What gets you going ladies? What makes you feel the best you? For me, it’s a great bra (and panties) the perfect pair of shoes, and the right accessories. Also, something I used to never really touch is lipstick. I finally found a brand that enjoy, so I’m more than willing to put on a good lippie to complete my sexy look.

Adore Me 1

Think about it, when you have a good looking bra and panties that feel good too, it just makes you feel even better about yourself and your look.

Adore Me 2

Get your sexy on with looks from Adore Me. Shop sexy lingerie or sexy plus-size lingerie. And you can stay up to day with Adore Me’s newest looks on Adore Me Pinterest.

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How to Rock a Crop Top Modestly

So often I get people telling me, “I could never pull off a crop top!” In the words of our dear President Obama, “Yes We Can!” **Can I get an Amen if you’ll miss him?**

If you follow me on Snapchat (jessthenoel), you may have seen my #OOTD Hack series – the first one showcasing crop tops. My two tips?

1. Pull your skirt up
2. Wear high-waisted pants

Crop tops should be worn in moderation but do require a certain modesty. When it comes to this fashion trend though, it’s definitely all about style, and done right, you’ll look fab.

Lace crop top

Typically, people say they don’t have the right body for crop tops. My body is a work in progress and I am proud of where I’ve come from a few months ago, so I don’t mind showing a little skin. But if you’re not there yet, it’s OK! This is why I say, modesty is key. If you want to rock a crop top, keep those two tips above in mind. Position your skirt just right on your waist so that only a portion of your skin shows. Long swing skirts or midi skirts work great to pull this look off. Second, high waisted pants will easily cover the goods you don’t want shown.

Floral crop top

Shop the look: SALE RACKS

Lace crop top: Target Sale Rack

Floral crop top: Express Sale Rack

*Pro Tip – there are tons of end of season sales happening, so you can snag some cute summer crops for cheap and still wear them when the weather settles with a cute cardi or blazer. 

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How Small Changes in Your Cooking Can Make a Big Difference


Making small changes in your cooking can make a big difference to the taste, health and overall amount you and your loved ones enjoy your food. Let’s take a look at which can make a big difference you are sure to notice and love.

First up, you may need to tackle how long you are baking or cooking things for. Under cooking and overcooking food is never good. Under cooked meals can lead to food poisoning. Even the tastiest meal in the world isn’t good enough if it makes you feel poorly afterward. Under cooking can also ruin the taste, flavor and overall punch of a meal or food. Take bread, for example. Some think that ‘brown’ means ‘burnt’. As a result, they take the food out of the oven before it has a chance to brown, or before it gets brown enough. In doing so, you are robbing your creation of its flavor. While you need to cook things like meat thoroughly, don’t go overboard. Doing so can make it chewy, coarse and unpleasant.

Some may believe that getting a higher quality of the main ingredient should be your priority. So, if you are making a steak pie, top quality steak will make all the difference. Indeed, it may do. But attention should also be given to the most basic ingredients you’re also using. Take olive oil, for example. You may just dash a bit of basic oil into your pan before cooking your onions and garlic. But what may seem like a minor ingredient can actually make a huge difference? This goes for all ‘minor’ ingredients, like spices and seasoning. So, search online for a gourmet olive oil store. Make the most of visiting countries where their food is tasty and delicious. If you’re going to Morocco or Turkey, for example, stock up on fresh spices while you’re there! Buy big bags, as they won’t go off, but just be sure to seal them well. This means that every time you cook, you basic ingredients set the tone for the rest of the meal; delicious and full of flavor. Be sure you stock up before you run out of this kind of thing, or you’ll be able to tell the difference straight away!

What about when you’re cooking from scratch? It may be that when you cook, you make everything yourself apart from one key ingredient. So, perhaps you make a bolognese but use a store-bought bolognese sauce. While this might save on time, effort and perhaps even money, it is far wiser to make the sauce yourself. Why? Because then you have 100% of the control of your ingredients. Store-bought products often have very high levels of sugar and salt, as a quick-fix way to make them taste good. They also usually contain chemical additives, in order to give them a longer shelf life. As a result, even the healthiest meal in the world can be ruined by one store-bought can or tin of product.


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5 Tricks to Feel and Look Refreshed for the Day Ahead

We all have those nights when it’s hard to sleep. We end up staring at the ceiling for hours, and keep tossing and turning to try and get some rest. Unfortunately, it means we wake up feeling and looking like we have had little rest. Here are five tricks to help you feel and look refreshed for the day ahead.

feel refreshed

Use a good moisturizer

One trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to splash some water on your face. It will wake up your blood vessels and give your face a smoother and toned look. Then you need to use a great thick moisturizer to ensure you remove any dryness from your tired face. It will also ensure you have a smooth base to then apply makeup. Also, it can help to calm any breakouts which may have occurred during your bad night’s sleep!

Energize yourself with coffee

Another trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to boost yourself with coffee. Coffee can lift your mood and give you the energy to feel like you are motivated for the rest of the morning. You could have a black coffee or a milky latte to start off your day. You could also make a quick espresso which will give you the necessary antioxidants. You could get an espresso maker at home so you can easily make a coffee if you are running out of time. You can find the best espresso maker online.

Use an eyelash curler

An additional surprising trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to use an eyelash curler. It can open your eyes so that people won’t know you have had little sleep the night before. It will make you alert and will ensure you look great although you are tired. And as this feature suggests, it’s an excellent way to perk up your face when you are exhausted! Therefore, get hold of a handy eyelash curler to enhance your eyes!

Add some blusher

Another trick to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead is to add some blusher to your cheeks. When you have had a lack of sleep, your face will often look pale and tired. Therefore, adding some blusher to your cheeks will make your face come alive and will help you to look great. It distracts from the bags under your eyes from lack of sleep and will make your face look vibrant.

Eat a healthy breakfast

You should also make sure you eat a healthy breakfast if you want to feel and look refreshed for the day ahead. It will make you feel motivated and ready to face the day, even after little sleep. Make sure it’s nice and healthy to ensure your body gets the essential nutrients and vitamins. If you don’t have time to cook breakfast, you could make a smoothie to take along with you to work. You can add plenty of fruit and vegetables to help give your body some love after a sleepless night!

Remember that you could always have a run around the block. Exercise can prevent the symptoms of sleep deprivation!

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Your New Favorite Accessory: Bandanas

It’s hot. You’re running on E, and you don’t have a hair appointment for another 3 days. No worries! A bandana will be your new best friend.

This summer, I have been rocking different bandanas because they save time, they’re stylish and they can easily add a little pizzazz to any outfit! Bandanas have really become my summer go-to, so I’m sharing a few ways I’ve styled my bandanas this summer.

Messy side pony’s are perfect for weekends when you just don’t care. Throw on a bandana and you’ll look like you at least put some thought into your look. Plus, when it’s hot and you’re roaming around in the summer heat, a little bandana action can keep you cooler.

Bananna side pony

Bandanna side pony lauging

I have very thick hair so sometimes, I just don’t want it anywhere near my face. Instead of a headband, I’ll throw on a bandana to keep my tresses back. The bandana can also serve as a frizz blocker. It really does help keep frizz to a minimum when I wear them on hot, humid days.

Bandanna on wall

Me and Tina

For a unique take on the bandana, you can wrap your hair up in the bandana creating a Rosie the Riveter meets Greek Goddess style. Give it the old roll and tuck, then tie the bandana atop your head to secure.

Bandanna and sunglasses

Bandanna back

You can pick up any bandana for pretty cheap at places like Michael’s, Target or Five Below.

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Vacationing on a Budget

I have had the awesome opportunity to travel quite a bit so far this year. Since February, I have traveled to Punta Cana, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hawaii/San Diego, and Austin. God has blessed me with family, friends, and a great job which have put these opportunities in front of me, but I want to say life is short. The end is near. So take the trip! #WANDERLUST


We all know traveling can be expensive, but the experiences you’ll have and the sights you’ll see are in priceless. Here are a few pro tips I’ve come to learn during my recent travel. And because you can’t have a fashion blog with no fashions, I’ll share a few tips about my vacation style.

Be smart when booking your airfare

Explore all of your options when it comes to finding the best flights for your trip. By this, I mean check the prices of multiple airlines and play around a bit. Sometimes purchasing two one ways can come out to be significantly cheaper than opting for a round trip ticket. Also, be sure to CLEAR YOUR COOKIES. I don’t quite understand how this works because it’s like little trolls are in your computer saying, “Muhahah she looked at this airfare twice today, let’s increase the price!” But it happens. To avoid a jump in price after searching for the best deal, be sure to go to your settings in your computer to clear your cookies.

Make friends

Once you touch down and get settled in, scope out the neighborhood. You’re essentially going to be living in this place for a few days, so why not meet people? Meeting people just might be the greatest secret because they can fill you in on the hot spots and the dos and don’ts of your vacation location. In Hawaii we met a super fun couple while we were sun bathing in the ocean who gave us a tip about FREE activities. So be nice to people. It can save you money in the long run.

#Protip: One piece bathing suits can also double as a top when paired with the right bottoms!

#Protip: One piece bathing suits can also double as a top when paired with the right bottoms!

Get Groupon deals for activities

This is pretty much self explanatory. You can log on to Groupon in any city and search activities. You can also find food deals too! But do this prior to your trip just to make life that much easier.

Check the reviews before you make Open Table reservations

You may want to splurged a little when you take your trip by having a fancy night out at a 4-5 star restaurant. But be sure to check Yelp or Open Table before you make those reservations. Prime example – in Austin we went to a pretty classy place (especially for 6th street) but the service wasn’t that great and the food and drinks weren’t totally worth the price. This all could have been avoided and a couple dollars could have been saved with a quick look at a review website.

Bet you thought that's a bracelet cuff I'm wearing posing outside of SUR. Nope! That's the wrap from getting inked hours before. Cute accessory!

Bet you thought that’s a bracelet cuff I’m wearing posing outside of SUR. Nope! That’s the wrap from getting inked up hours before. Cute accessory, right? 

Use Customer Service as a crutch

We experienced a travel nightmare on our Hawaii/San Diego trip. Long story short, flights were delayed and then missed, and we spent the night in the airport with no offer of hotel accommodations. It was cold. And sad. So I say this to stress that expressing your experiences, both good and bad can result in some sort of compensation. In my case, I received a $150 voucher from American Airlines and a $50 voucher from Spirit Airlines. Luckily the AA voucher was able to offset the costs of my recent flight to Austin. But seriously. Don’t fail to mention good things that happen, either! You never know when a nice review can get you a little surprise and delight.:)

Have fun on your next vacation, friends!

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4 Ways To Look Well-Groomed On A Small Budget

One would think looking effortless actually includes no effort. But sadly, that’s not the case. It still takes time and money to look a certain way. So how do you achieve a well-groomed look on a small budget? Here’s how! 

  1. Cover The Basics

Hairstyle – Hair covers your head, so it’s the first thing many people see or notice, so hair is something you can’t skimp on. Ensure your hair is in good condition, maintained, and trimmed regularly to keep it healthy. To save on cash, but still look good, shop around for stylists who offer loyalty rewards and reasonable pricing. This is good especially if you color your hair and need to stay on top of a good dye job. And if your hair is longer, have a few simple styles you can create if you’re in a rush.

Shoes – Shoes! You literally can never have too many shoes. But be wise in your choices when adding to your collection. Look for clearance shoes or wait for the sales. Also be sure to maintain your footwear by keeping them clean and polished. When the heel is worn, take them to the cobbler. Many local shoe repairmen can work their magic for a fair price. And here’s a secret tip: keep a shoe shine sponge in your bag.


Makeup – When it comes to makeup, you have to find a look that suits you. I, for one, am not huge on makeup, but have come to adore a good lip and mascara to add a little pop. But like many other things, makeup is based on the individual person. Start with a good primer. This makes all the difference when applying the rest of your makeup because it can provide a smooth surface. Match your skin type with a good foundation cream, and if you get this right, everything else will follow. Keep a makeup bag with your essentials in case you need to re-apply throughout the day, and for makeup basics such as mascara, check which items are in the sale.

  1. Staples

When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s not always about keeping up with all the latest trends. So think style, rather than fashion. Invest a few key pieces that will last for years. Opt for classic items that will not go out of style after one season. And be sure to think about your specific lifestyle and the outfits you need to succeed. Your staples may include:

  • Skirts/trousers for the office that will work for evenings too
  • Simple blouses and tops that can be dressed up or down
  • Jackets
  • Jumpers/cardigans
  • Dresses, including maxi dresses for the summer

Once you have your basics in place, you can then mix and match to alternate outfits. Versatility is key!

  1. Keep It Simple

If you want to appear well-groomed, keep it simple. Don’t go overboard in your choices. Opt for simple shapes and silhouettes and build from there.

Ensure your outfits are coordinated. Look for different combinations to mix it up a little.

Simple Dress

  1. Accessorize

When money is tight, accessories can for sure be your friend. They can transform outfits, making them appear completely different. Look for items that can be used in different ways. For example, scarves and belts. Invest in a mixture of jewelry, from fine jewelry to costume jewelry. If you’re trying to make an outfit appear more expensive, accessorize with gold or silver jewelry. A smart belt can also lift a simple dress.

Looking fabulously put together is about simplicity, style, and creative flair.

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