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Boss Energy Defined

November 18, 2021

To me, a boss is someone who is about their business. Someone who works extremely hard and exudes class. Someone who is fierce. Someone who is confident in their ability to make it happen! There was a point where I hit a dark place and I realized it was time to exude a different kind of energy. I knew I had to boss up if I wanted to…

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How to Make Extra Money on LTK -LIKEtoKNOW.it

November 9, 2021

I’m a nano influencer (less than 10k followers on Instagram) and I get asked all the time how I land collaborations. I have a few tricks but one I wanted to share here that not a lot of people talk about is how to make more money from LTK. For starters, posting to LTK can be time consuming but absolutely worth it when you get the check arrives!…


Helping Your Man Drive In Style Like A Modern Urban Fashion Icon

October 30, 2021

Driving elegance is a notion that links back to the first widely commercialized vehicles. The Ford Model T, the first affordable automobile, gave middle-class Americans access to a completely new kind of luxury. As such, owning a car was synonymous with a stylish and lavish lifestyle, the ideal accessory of the Golden Twenties. Drivers at the time would dress up for the drive, wearing specialist leather gloves, glasses,…