Mala Prayer Beads

Positive energy, passion, and healing. All things we could all use a little more of in our lives, and they all happen to be some of the great things Mala Beads stand for. Now a proud owner of Mala Prayer beads, I am already attracting more positive energy and love.

My beads, which double as a necklace, feature matte watermelon stones and alloy beads, and no two bracelets are alike. This handmade Mala Prayer bracelet was created to attract love. Because all you need is love, right? I also love that they can be dressed up or dressed down. Worn during meditation or yoga, or event at work and school.

Each piece is created with care and love and Mala Prayer believes in giving back, too. All sales made through Mala Prayer will provide female entrepreneurs with a microfinance loan, which they can invest in their business, home or community.

Shop the Mala Prayer collection. and experience the power and positivity of the beads!

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Monochromatic Magic

Monochromatic: Containing or using one color. It’s fashion – look it up!

But seriously, this is my first time toying with a monochrome look and I think I’m obsessed. This plum color is sleek and sexy and perfect for fall.

Of course you can play with other colors like camel and olive green; or even pink and lime green. The color wheel is your oyster!

I paired this Fashion Nova bomber jacket with a super comfy, velvet Forever 21 bodysuit with jeans and over the knee boots from Target. Each piece was purchased separately but hanging near each other in my closet, I knew I had to at least attempt the look.

Check out your closet for a monochromatic look. Let me know how you play with one color.

Steal my look:

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Girl Boss Fashion

This one’s for all my lady bosses out there! Are you kicking ass and taking names at your 9-5, running errands, hitting the gym, staying active in your community, traveling, living a fulfilling lifestyle by embracing what ever your hobbies you’re into? Keep on moving, girl – you’re doing great!

I’ve had a request for a day to night look and here it is! Totally simple, but sexy and chic at the same time. Simply take your work shirt, give it a little tie at the bottom to add some playful sex appeal and throw on some heels and go.

Simple day to night look for all you girl bosses looking for a little style insp for when you go from the office to happy hour. Cheers!

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Fall Fashion Inspo

So let me get this straight. You guys begged for fall foliage and pumpkin spice everything and no that it’s here, you’re throwing up Christmas trees?

News flash, it’s still fall and we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving! Cool it with the jingle bells, alright?!

But really though. Fall fashions are so exciting so why rush for fancy snow boots and scarves? With this look, I hope to spark some inspiration for everyone to take back fall and not rush the holiday season. Live in the moment and enjoy your time.

Keep your reds in the back of the closet for now (red lips are OK of course) and embrace Earth tones, muted colors and deep purples.

Steal my look:

Bodysuit – Fashion Nova

Pants – Similar 

Choker – Pitaya 

Shoes – DSW

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Don’t ya forget it.

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Unicorn Breakfast Recipe

It’s November, they said. It’s officially time to get ready for the holidays, they said.

Seriously! WHERE did this year go? I feel like it was just midnight 2016 now we’re just a few months from 2018. Sheesh! But thank God for another year, right? With that being said, I wanted to share an idea for all the parties, potlucks, and work functions that you’ll most likely have coming up.

I like to call it Unicorn Breakfast! But really, it’s Funfetti Dip. Why unicorn breakfast you ask? Well, because 1. If you know me, you know I believe unicorns are AWESOME! 2. This dip is light and fluffy filled with sprinkles. Just seems like something a unicorn would eat. It’s totally edible and healthy for humans, because this is the low fat version.

What you’ll need:
Funfetti cake batter
Low fat/non fat cool whip or whipped topping
Plain yogurt
Low fat/non fat Vanilla Wafers

Depending on how many you’ll be serving this Unicorn Breakfast/Funfetti Dip to will determine how much of each ingredient you’ll use. I typically don’t measure with this recipe so get nuts, go crazy!

Add all the above ingredients in a bowl, mix together and enjoy by dipping your wafers. And there you have it, a light and fluffy dip that’s magical and delicious!

Pro Tip: get creative for a Christmas party by adding red and green sprinkles. So festive.

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Mixing it up with Prints

Can we all agree that rules are made to be broken? If everyone followed the rules, life would be boring, right? I’m not going all criminal on you guys, but I do think the riles of fashion should surely be toyed with. Like wearing white after Labor Day, or pairing brown with black, or mixing prints and shades. Sometimes you gotta say screw it and do what you want and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!

I’m a strong supporter of mixing prints, wearing white after Labor Day, and paring brown and black. And although I don’t do it often, this post has inspired me to embrace some rule breaking a little more often.

I literally threw this look together because I thought it was cute, comfy, casual and I love these easy camo sneakers. Seriously, wear what makes you feel your best!
I’ve also enlisted the help of my fashionable friend and fellow rule breaker, Krystina, to help me with mixing prints outfit inspiration. She has paired the perfect-for-fall star sweater with Burberry rain boots. Rule followers may have slipped into a pair of black boots, but rule breakers step outside the norm.
There is no ryhme or reason to mixing prints or shades, ya just do it. Although this is on-trend, be sure to stand out by making your looks perfectly suit you. Have fun mixing it up!
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Entertain at Home? You Need a Well-Stocked Bar

There are few things more enjoyable than having the option of inviting your friends and family around to your home for a night of drinks, conversation, and laughter. It’s like having your own bar; only you don’t need to worry about getting an Uber or Lyft home at the end of the night. But of course, before you’re able to enjoy all the delights of hosting people at your home, you’ll need to ensure you have all the essential supplies needed for people to have a great night. Find them below, buy, and get ready for night after night of fun!

The Essentials

You won’t like every drink that’s considered “essential”, but remember: it’s not just about you, it’s about your guests. At a minimum, you need to make sure that you have every major spirit represented in your bar. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry; there are only a few. Gin, vodka, rum, and the three main whiskies (bourbon, scotch, and Irish) should receive prominent shelf space. They form the basis for most cocktails, so you can’t go wrong. Of course, not everyone wants to drink the hard stuff all night, so have a few bottles of wine and beers stocked too.  

The Surprise Elements

The drinks mentioned above can be considered “bread and butter”, the drinks you’ll have on any typical night. But some nights won’t be usual: they’ll be unique, and you’ll want to have a few special items to help make the night extra memorable. As such, you should stock your bar with a few surprise elements. This can be a bottle of the finest wine of the year, or Japanese Kikori rice whiskey, or those rare craft beers that are absolutely delicious. With these in your cabinet and fridge, you’ll have the best – and most varied – bar in town.

Cocktail Mixers

Of course, not everything in your cabinet will be glamorous. Some, like your cocktail mixers, will be essential if you want to make a wide range of drinks. We’re talking about the juices: Cranberry, pineapple, tomato, lemon, lime, and more. You’ll also want to have coca-cola, tonic, and ginger ale in supply too. With these, you’ll be able to make the bulk of the drinks your guests will request.

On the Side

Want to push the boat out? Then you’ll need those added ingredients that take your cocktail game from A to A++, and which can also be enjoyed as a side dish with a drink. A jar of olives tastefully placed on your bar area will be a big hit. For the drinks themselves, you’ll want fresh mint (delicious mojitos!), limes, lemons, Tabasco sauce, and of course ice.

The Glassware

Finally, don’t forget that different drinks demand different shaped glasses. If you haven’t yet got everything you need, it’s time to read up on the types of glasses every bar cabinet should have and get down to Ikea. When you get home, you’ll be all ready to open your bar and invite your friends and family around.

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