Bees Beauty Bar and Spa

What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel relaxed? What makes you feel safe?

As women in today’s society, we have so much going on between working hard at our 9-5 then going home to work on the 5-9 gigs, going to school, raising kids, staying healthy and keeping a smile on our faces while juggling all the curveballs life throws at us. But luckily there is a space, a safe haven, if you will for women to go to feel beautiful, relaxed and safe. That place is Bees Beauty Bar and Spa.

I teamed up with Bees Beauty Bar and Spa makeup artist Monique to check out the space, get my makeup done and have a massage. And let me tell you, my experience was nothing short of fabulous!

If you follow along, you know I’m not a big makeup person so I chose to go with a look that’s not the norm for me – I wanted something bold. Before my appointment, I had been sneaking a peek at Monique’s Instagram page, so I knew I was in good hands. She’s a former MAC Makeup Artist who loves high glam but her present esthetic focuses on natural beauty.

I loved that Monique was super personable and made me feel like the best version of myself while I was in the makeup chair. She offered tips for my lipstick questions and even product suggestions. She even expressed that her goal is to make people look like the cool version of themselves and that’s exactly what she did for me!

I returned to Bees Beauty Bar for a morning of relaxation with a calming massage by massage therapist, Aspen. If you know me, I’m not the biggest fan of massages but I have had a crazy past few months so a nice, stress free morning was right on time. Aspen was super sweet and her massage was soothing.

Bees Beauty Bar Spa has been around for two years but recently re-opened with an expansion. The space is incredibly adorable with everything bee-themed as a nod to the owner, Bee. Bee wanted to create a space catered to the needs of black women in particular, which is why the entire staff is comprised of black females!

Each lady has perfected her craft in order to bring you the best possible experience at Bees Beauty Bar. And did I mention there are opportunities for spa parties, couples massages, manicures, super cute photos ops and so much more?!

If you’re in the metro Detroit area, book an appointment today. Visit the website to see a list of services as pricing. I know I can’t wait to go back!

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A FabCocktail Father’s Day

I don’t have children of my own, other than my fur baby Paisley, but I’ve been blessed enough to become a “Bonus Mom” to my boyfriend’s beautiful, vivacious little girl. We use the term Bonus Mom after a friend mentioned it to us after seeing the three of us together at lunch. By no means am I trying to take the place of her actual mother, I’m just an extra helping hand who is here to give her as much love and light as possible. I like being able to buy her princess outfits or comfort her when she just needs a woman’s energy. And I pray that as she continues to grow and our relationship flourishes, I can be someone she goes to for advice about boys or what to wear to the school dance.

But here’s why I care about this amazing little human being so much – her father! Yes she’s a spunky little girl with the best smile ever, but her joyous spirit comes from her mother (who I will give mad props to for raising such a great little girl) and her father. Even when life hits hard and co-parenting with someone you’re no longer in a relationship with gets tough, he smiles through it all. He ONLY wants his beloved daughter to know the good in life and he does everything possible to bring her nothing but joy.

I didn’t have my birth father growing up, so to see him waking up at 5am and hopping on a train to go to an entirely different state to pick her up just brings tears to my eyes. My birth father wouldn’t have even gone a few miles down the road to hang out with me for the day, let alone an entire month. So ladies with “baby daddies” who are co-parenting with men who care, cut them some slack. They truly only want the best for their children.

Parenting is not easy. It’s tiring and expensive but my boyfriend parents his baby girl with pride. He puts his daughter’s best interest first. He’ll always be there to love her and guide her through life and I’m excited to continue to watch him in his journey as a father.

Happy Father’s Day, baby. Dad of the year award goes to you!

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Buy Experiences or Buy Designer

I purchased a fake Gucci belt on Amazon for $29. I was ashamed of myself at first for buying a dupe (disclaimer: this belt was purchased before the whole Gucci scandal but the company has made great strides to overcome its mistakes of poor taste) but now I wear that belt with pride.

The fake Gucci belt sat in my basket for a few days but I decided to pull the trigger after I realized I could purchase a plane ticket for the cost of a real Gucci belt. I thought to myself, you love to travel. Why not purchase experiences and look good while traveling instead of spending your hard earned money on the real thing? Honestly, the belt looks real and that’s all that matters, right?

I do enjoy certain designer bands. And I own some real and authentic pieces from these brands, but when you’ve figured out what’s important to you and where you’d prefer to spend your cash, the designer bags and shoes may take a back seat when a trip to the beach is calling your name. Some may call me a “poser” as the kids say (Is that really what they say these days? Goodness I’m getting old!) but in the words of my girl, Ariana Grande, “I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it.” I like the Gucci belt. I also like to travel. I can have both by buying the fake. Seems logical to me.

So secret’s out, friends. I have a fake Gucci belt. But will my next designer purchase be real or fake? The world may never know! 😉

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How to Make Clothing Fails Work

Have you ever purchased an item of clothing and when you go to wear it, it just doesn’t fit how you need it to? I’m sure this happens more often then not. But don’t fret, there are ways to make it work!

I purchased a super cute faux leather slip dress at Zara not too long ago. I found it to be cute in the fitting room but when I got it home, it just didn’t have the same affect. Guess how I made it work?

See how terribly this dress fits? I had to roll it.

I turned the dress into a shirt! I have this pair of camo jogger pants from the men’s department at H&M that fit a tiny bit big around the waist. So, the dress tucked into the pants filled the extra room and I added a denim jacket to pull it all together. And there you have it, my friends – a whole look.

The easiest to way to make it work though, is how you style your look. Be confident and cool but always make sure you feel comfortable.

Get creative with your clothes. Wear a dress as a shirt, or even a shirt at a dress!

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May Girl

The last time I blogged about my birthday, I turned the big 3-0! Now, two years later, I’m turning 32. Holy crap, where did the time go?!

While 32 isn’t a milestone bday, I just really wanted to share that you can successfully dress a t-shirt up or down. It’s kind of one of my new favorite things!

My mom messaged me one day with a screenshot of a t-shirt that read “May Girl With Tattoos Pretty Eyes and Thick Thighs” She got served a Facebook ad for it and immediately thought of me. Because, well, if this doesn’t accurately describe, idk what does.

Born May 1

Has 7 tattoos

Pretty eyes ✅

Look at these thighs

I instantly text back and said I needed that shirt. The ad was for some weird oversees website she didn’t trust so she took trusty Amazon to place an order instead. Thanks, Amazon for always holding it down!

I knew I wanted to play with this tee a few different ways so I styled it with some Adidas shell toes and a bomber for a fun, street look. Then I dressed it up a little bit with these fabulous asymmetrical sandals from Venus.

I think it’s safe to say that t-shirts aren’t just t-shirts anymore. They can be the focal point of an outfit and a creative way to express yourself and your style.

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Men’s Fashion: Defining Your Style

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the man behind most of my instagram photos – my boyfriend. Thank you for doing your best to hit those angles, baby!

Now, to celebrate you, you get your very own blog post! Since the first day I met you, I’ve admired your style. Your ability to confidently define what you love in fashion is inspiring.
So here’s some inspiration for you fellas out there to help you hone in on the best style for YOU:
  • Think about what makes you feel most comfortable then wear it!
  • Define your personality. Let this reflect in your clothing choices.
  • Men can accessorize, too! Watches, hats, shoes. These can all be focal points in your daily ensembles.
  • Trial and error. It may be painful, but take some time to go to your favorite store and try on everything that catches your eye. Take photos of what you feel looks the best and keep it for future reference.
  • You can be fly on a budget, too. Did you know Five Below is a great spot for novelty tees?
  • Think outside the box. Fashion really has no rules, so do you what you want!

Keep doing you, Jamarr. Let your shoe game continue to be strong and your style choices remain fly.
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Lazy Monk Menstrual Cup Review

If you’re squeemish or a guy, let me stop you right here. This post is about menstrual cycles and lots of gross, female stuff lies ahead in the text. Ladies, if you get that annoying monthly visit from Aunt Flow, keep reading!


I recently had the opportunity to try and review Lazy Monk Menstrual Cups and let me tell you, I was super excited to try because I’ve been looking for a good alternative to pads and tampons. I personally have a super heavy flow so it gets real messy once a month. I’m not currently on birth control and my doctor pretty much told me too bad, so sad when I asked for alternatives to help regulate it, so each month I just deal with the PMS, cramps, bloating, fatigue and the worst – leakage.

My cycles get so heavy that I often have to double up and wear a tampon and pad, so when I saw Lazy Monk came with two cup sizes – one for light days and one for heavy days, I was grateful.


My first day, I used the smaller, light day cup. I didn’t experience any leakage! Unfortunately, my second and third day I used the bigger cup in addition to a pad to soak up access leakage. I could have potentially gotten away without having leakage on day three had I been able to empty my cup after 3-4 hours. However, life happens and you can’t always get to a safe haven aka your own bathroom.

Which leads me to my next point. These menstrual cups are made from natural materials and FDA approved so I had no qualms about literally putting it inside me. However, the first insertion is a bit awkward. But you definitely get used to it. I’m kind of a pro now! Pro tip: fold the cup as small as you can and squat for seamless insertion. Another tip, insert and remove in the shower!


The cup collects as much blood as possible but if you think you won’t get any on you during removal, think again. Hence, my best advice is to remove it while you’re in the shower.

Overall, I’d recommend Lazy Monk Menstrual cups. While you can often times feel a tampon, the Lazy Monk cup feels invisible. I didn’t experience any discomfort or negative reaction. The only downside is that I’m basically the Hoover Dam and require a little extra help to soak it all up. So to all my fab friends with a similar heavy flow, be sure to keep pads in rotation.


Give it a try. You can purchase your Lazy Monk here.

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