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Your New Favorite Accessory: Bandanas

It’s hot. You’re running on E, and you don’t have a hair appointment for another 3 days. No worries! A bandana will be your new best friend.
This summer, I have been rocking different bandanas because they save time, they’re stylish and they can easily add a little pizzazz to any outfit! Bandanas have really become my summer go-to, so I’m sharing a few ways I’ve styled my bandanas this summer.
Messy side pony’s are perfect for weekends when you just don’t care. Throw on a bandana and you’ll look like you at least put some thought into your look. Plus, when it’s hot and you’re roaming around in the summer heat, a little bandana action can keep you cooler.
Bananna side pony
Bandanna side pony lauging
I have very thick hair so sometimes, I just don’t want it anywhere near my face. Instead of a headband, I’ll throw on a bandana to keep my tresses back. The bandana can also serve as a frizz blocker. It really does help keep frizz to a minimum when I wear them on hot, humid days.
Bandanna on wall
Me and Tina
For a unique take on the bandana, you can wrap your hair up in the bandana creating a Rosie the Riveter meets Greek Goddess style. Give it the old roll and tuck, then tie the bandana atop your head to secure.
Bandanna and sunglasses
Bandanna back
You can pick up any bandana for pretty cheap at places like Michael’s, Target or Five Below.
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