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Yelp After School Special Recap

Between great food samples, a unique and livened fashion show and a totally fun photo booth, last night’s Yelp After School Special at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit was a complete win, win situation!
I first want to start by thanking Colin McConnell co-creator of Detroit Resect clothing company for inviting me to the event. The night kicked off with a little mixing and mingling and food sample from vendors including Olgas Kitchen, Good People Popcorn, Green Dot Stables, Zoup! and more, were stationed on all three levels of the venue handing out yummy eats to attendees. Head bobbing beats were played by the DJ then the lights dimmed and a giant Detroit light bot appeared on the stage. The best way to describe this bot, if you will, is Daft Punk meets Optimism Prime meets good ol’ Detroit. See for yourself!
Bot man
After a brief and pretty much jaw-dropping performance by the Detroit bot, (all you could hear were oooos and ahhhs once the bot hit the stage),  the Yelp After School Special began with a fashion show featuring uplifting and bright tees and bags designed  by Detroit Respect. Detroit Respect is a clothing company that focuses on the good in Detroit and translates that to fashion.
detroit respect
Following Detroit Resect was an edgy fashion show by Lilac Pop showcasing futuristic metal jewelry then extreme paper dress maker Matthew F Richmond and his models took to the stage. If you don’t know about the extraordinary paper dress maker, then you’d better learn. His genuine designs are truly one of a kind as he has the ability to make carefully constructed pieces out of everyday materials like paper and plastic bags.
plastic bag dress
So the photos above may be small but I encourage you to visit each designer’s website to get a feel of their true capabilities. These talented people are among the ones bringing the sexy back to Detroit! And don’t forget to download the Yelp! app!
*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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