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What's Your Spring Scent?

I need to see a flower in bloom soon! Can I get an Amen? You can tell I’m itching for spring to officially come along, huh?
When the change of weather finally comes, we not only change our clothes but we also change our scent. Spring fragrances are usually light and refreshing to perfectly compliment the style of clothes designed for the season. So with that, I bring you my favorite springtime perfumes!

Curious, L.A.M.B, Love

Curious, L.A.M.B, Love

They are oldies but goodies: Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B, Britney Spears Curious and Love Express. The best part about these perfumes being older fragrance releases is that they are discounted (with the exception of Love Express perfume). Check out TJ Maxx or even Target and Meijer for older but awesome fragrances at affordable prices. If you’re like me and need at least three main scents per season, you can save some cash by purchasing older perfumes so you can splurge on newer perfumes at a department store.
"Inspired by"

“Inspired by”

And speaking of Meijer… I came across a brand of knockoff perfume. While I am against knockoffs and don’t normally condone knockoff purchases, I broke my rule for an Angel-inspired scent. It smells just like the Thierry Mugler designer perfume and was one of my favorites for fall. Never again though!
But back to spring. My number one for the season just may be Jade by Banana Republic. It was a gift from the one and only Cam Wess. Btw, you can check out some of the music he has produced here *shameless plug*. The fragrance is light. I would describe it as “sexy rain” which compliments the season well. After all, April showers bring May flowers. 🙂
Jade by Banana Republic

Jade by Banana Republic

Have you tried any of these scents? What are your go-to scents for spring?

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