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Traveling to Mexico

Hi Friends! I shared a poll on my Instagram Stories recently and there was a resounding agreement that you wanted to know more about my travel experience to Mexico. So here it is! Sharing more about Mexico travel below. But before I jump in, I visited Mexico just a few days before the new travel restrictions were put into place requiring a negative covid test get on the plane.

Airport Experience

We flew out of DTW – Detroit Metro Airport and to this day, it is one of my favorite airports. Honestly, it was empty, almost creepily empty but it made me feel safe! There were hand sanitizing stations everywhere you turned and most of the restaurants were temporarily closed. Slightly a bummer because our gate was pretty close to Chick-Fil-A but I appreciate the safety measures to keep everyone safe. Our flight to Tulum, Mexico was a Delta flight and the plane was extremely clean – could have even been a newer plane. As we loaded the plane, we were greeted by friendly airline attendants and a travel size Purel wipe. Middle seats were empty in every row and the safety video was updated to reflect the current times.

Customs Experience in Mexico

When we landed in Mexico, we were of course greeted by warm weather, but the Cancun airport was much busier than back home at DTW. But while there were a lot of people, masks were required and groups respectfully kept their distance. I have to hand it to all the workers as they quickly and seamlessly checked passports for entry into the country.

Once we made it past customs, we wandered off to the pickup area where I had pre-arranged for a travel service to pick us up. Pro Tip: when booking through Expedia, they offer a concierge service if you are a Blue Member or above. I opted for the private transportation service for the two of us and it was a smart decision. The car service offered hand sanitizer and sprayed our luggage down even before entering the vehicle. We didn’t have to sit next to any strangers and it was nice just the two of us in the back.

Resort Experience

When traveling to Mexico, we flew into Cancun but our resort in Tulum was about an hour and 20 minutes away. While it was a long ride (we were READY to get to the beach), it was scenic and the driver was hospitable, making sure the temperature was right, we were sanitized, and safe. Upon arrival to Dreams Resort and Spa Tulum, we were greeted by staff with masks. Once we checked in, we were offered welcome champs and a quick, socially distant run down of the resort and its offerings. My favorite part, they kept telling us, “Welcome Home!” Man, I miss hearing that. But it really did feel like home for the next few days. I highly recommend this resort if you’re planning Mexico travel or even Dominican Republic. Dreams has multiple locations and I’ve head nothing but good things.

Even before I officially booked the trip, I read reviews and knew the cleanliness of the resort was a 10/10. And I would absolutely agree! There was sanitizer in the rooms and around the resort, masks were required in common areas like the bars, bathroom, resort restaurants, entertainment areas, and the lobby. Buffets were not self serve and I loved that. Fruit was pre-plated so that multiple hands aren’t touching plates and utensils and there was always someone cleaning the grounds and sanitizing the pool areas in the mornings.

While our trip was Jan 21-24, right before the Jan 26 international travel changes, our resort and many others offered covid testing on site. Before the mandatory testing went into affect, we could have gotten a test on the resort for $100, which I made sure of prior to leaving Michigan. However, now that the new travel restrictions are in place, the resort offers free covid testing. If you’re thinking of traveling to Mexico or anywhere internationally, be sure to research covid testing centers. We made sure to get tested when we arrived back in the states and quarantine just as precaution.

Tulum Excursion Experience

During our stay in Mexico, we went on an amazing excursion where we got to tour the Mayan Ruins, swim in a cenote, and snorkel with sea turtles! Masks were required on the Mayan Ruin tour even though we were outside which I appreciated! We were able to remove our masks for photos but because there were many tour groups, masks were required. Pro Tip: Be sure to wear a light, breathable mask. That’s my only regret. I did not bring the best mask for that day as it was hot and hard to breathe but the views, culture, and feeling safe totally made up for it!

After touring the ruins, we had the opportunity to swim in a cenote. You guys. That water was amazing! If you know me, you know I have a bad knee and after just a few minutes in the water, my knee felt new! But that’s beside the point, ha. There was only one other tour group at this cenote so I felt very safe and socially distant. Jamarr and talked to another couple for a little bit but ventured off to safely explore the area.

Following the cenote swim, we traveled to a beautiful beach to snorkel with sea turtles. I was a little apprehensive about this part of the tour because I didn’t want to use a previously used snorkel even if it was sanitized. But we were all pleasantly surprised to see brand new snorkels taken out of the bags by us! After the sea turtle tour at the beach in Mexico, we could either keep the snorkel or leave it. We also wer able to throw our life jackets in a sanitizing solution. I felt very safe and clean throughout the entire excursion and commend the staff for making sure we felt safe as well.

Going home was sad but of course we had to leave sometime. It was a wonderful, safe trip and if you’re thinking of booking the trip. DO IT!