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This Post Brought To You By My Hot Mom

Do you know what phrase I can’t stand? “That doesn’t match!” Fashion is not about matching. Rather, it’s about styling pieces that you love to create a great ensemble.
And also, in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s very easy to see that a very important current trend is print on print. So for those of you who say polka dots and zebra print “don’t match”, according to the runways, it actually does.
Anyhoo…This blog post was in fact inspired by my beautiful mother who often looks to me for fashion advice. Thanks, mumma! She was wearing an olive green top, black cropped pants and black sandals. It was a cute outfit but I encouraged her to spice it up a bit so I let her borrow my favorite pair of Steve Madden sandals.
Steve Madden Shoes
She hesitated when I handed her the shoes by of course saying, “These don’t match!” But when the shoes were on her feet she realized the pops of color and the gold embellishments really pulled the look together because not everything NEEDS to be matchy, matchty.
Moral of the story, try something new in fashion. Pair items that you normally wouldn’t and you may be surprised you actually like it!
PS, Isn’t my mom adorbs? 🙂
*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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