My Style

Think it. Want it. Get it.

2015 seemed to be the year of overcoming obstacles. Not only for myself, but also for a few friends very close to me. We were faced with some trying situations throughout the year but with the support of one another, some fab advise from a favorite, and a lot of Faith in God, we made it through!
As 2016 came in like a wrecking ball (yes I just quoted Miley Cyrus), I am happy to report things are already looking up for all of us! Not even a full month into January and we’ve already begun checking things off our goal list for the year. New cars, lots of travel, and so much more to come.
One thing 2015 taught me, however, is that YOUR plan is not always the best plan. By all means, create a plan and stick to it; but if things are veering off course, just know it’s for a reason. Every situation I encountered last year, making me think it was the end of the world, only prepared me for future opportunities. In just a short time, I’ve become an even stronger, more focused individual.
Now not everyday is a cake walk, but with a little faith, you will have favor.
Think it
Set goals –
Make a list of things you want to accomplish. You can even get crafty and create a vision board.
Write down a prayer list-
Think of this as an extension of your goal list. Write down what you’re seeking in life and ask God for His help and guidance.
Don’t get discouraged-
There will always be obstacles in life, but remember it’s not for long. The downs are just preparing you for the ups.
Stay focused-
If you want something that badly, don’t stop until you get it. Sometimes that means switching up your routine, thought process, or even X-ing out any negativity in your life (this includes people, too).
Dream it.
So cheers to having a dream and seeing it through!
*Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous