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The Ultimate Party Drinks Guide For A DIY Party

If you’re thinking about hosting a great party this summer, you may also be considering hiring some catering and bar staff to serve your guests. Of course, this is really expensive to do, and your budget may not stretch very far. Instead, why not consider doing it yourself? A party is all about the ambiance and the music. It doesn’t need to be high-end or sophisticated. When a group of friends gathers, they want to spend time together. So here’s how to put it all together without breaking the bank. 
Who doesn’t love a fab cocktail?! You can produce some large pitchers of cocktails and hand out glasses as guests are arriving. The most popular cocktails are Pina Coladas, Mojitos, and Sex on the Beach. Fortunately, these are all quite easy to make and sit well in the pitcher for pouring. Make sure you have a good supply of Schnapps, Rum and vodka to keep them going. 😉 
Although I may seem like a cocktail girl, beer is a personal favorite of mine. And the favorite of a lot of male guests, too. If you don’t have a huge fridge for storing bottles or cans,  consider some buckets of ice for keeping bottles of beer chilled. Low-calorie beers have become really popular, especially for summer when we’re all pretending to watch our waistline. They also tend to be sold in slightly smaller bottles so more will fit in the fridge. Also be sure to keep a few openers handy for those awkward tops. 
If you’re not sure which wines are best for that party vibe, then buy in a few different bottles. If you look at sites like you’ll see that wines can be categorized by more than just red or white. There are plenty of varieties that can be drunk alone, and there are also a few that make great non-alcoholic wines for those needing a lighter drink.
Soft Drinks
If you buy in tins of soda, you’ll need to keep them cool. Alternatively, have plenty of ice cubes on hand to chill the drinks when they’re poured into a glass. You could also offer fruit juices or squashes as a healthier alternative. Why not whip up some virgin cocktails and punch? They’re great fun to drink, and you’re still fit to drive home after!
You don’t need to cater dozens of meals to enjoy a great party. Nibbles are perfect for grazing through the evening. Healthy options include nuts and fruit kebabs. You may also have some chips in a bowl. Perhaps you’ve cooked up some party food for a platter ahead of the party. If so, you may also need to provide a few bowls and plates.
Hosting a party doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to do. Plan ahead so you can buy in enough of each drink to keep your guests going. Of course, you may need lots of extra glasses! See if you can borrow some from friends, or try some party cups. Enjoy.
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