the new fabcocktail

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Jessica aka fabcocktail. I haven’t blogged in a while. Instead, I’ve been spending time working on myself and my brand. I’ve updated my website and I got an official logo, guys!!! Ya girl is on fire. And guess what… there’s even more to come!!

what is fabcocktail?

fabcocktail has evolved over the years but fashion and beauty will always be at its core. But think about it this way – what makes a great cocktail? A mix of ingredients, right? This cocktail is made up of fashion, beauty, faith, lifestyle and travel. My goal is to inspire my audience through these particular categories by sharing real and raw stories, photos and videos. You can always follow my journey on social media but here is where you get all the good meat and potatoes.

why fabcocktail?

I have been so inspired by friends, family and other fellow bloggers to make fabcocktail something bigger. While I identify as an Influencer on social media, is the best outlet for me to share my words at length. But above all, fabcocktail is a lifestyle brand. I started this blog many moons ago (I honestly can’t remember what year) and I was attending New York Fashion Week, going to multiple local fashion events each month, working with big name brands on blog posts for free (before it was a big deal to be paid for your work). And over the years, much like I have evolved as a person, fabcocktail has evolved with me. I pray continuously to find my purpose and God led me here, writing these words and introducing the newest version of fabcocktail.

I spent the a lot of time over the past year really working on myself and finding my purpose. I got a new full time job in HR and through my growth in my position in my 9-5, I developed some mad hustle. The pandemic lit a fire under me and I decided to finally register my LLC and trademark fabcocktail. And as I mentioned before, there’s more to come, ya’ll! 😉

Stay tuned for much more. Thank you to everyone who has supported fabcocktail in every stage! I am beyond excited for fabcocktail to grow as a lifestyle brand.