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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Content Creation

If you are like me and work full time but also have a small business, then this is the perfect guide for you. You’ll know all too well that it’s difficult to juggle your full time career plus a small business. 

Content Creation and Merch for Your Small Business

I am working on getting back to the grind of creating content, blogging and selling merch. But this all takes time and effort. Even though it can be fun, there’s a lot of work that can go into it. But with these two tools, it makes content creation A LOT easier. 

Before I had these two content creation tools, I was using multiple ring lights, over complicating things based on the location I was in and taking up more time than I needed to.

Content Creator Tools

Thanks to TikTok I found out about the Airstik! And finally decided to get a mini ring light. Seriously, why had I never thought about getting a ring light? 

The Airstik sticks to any surface. Legitimately any surface. Walls, mirrors, wood, TVs, you name it. As for the ring light, it’s a smaller one that you can stick in your purse or clip to your pocket. It has 3 settings and comes with a charger. Having this handy along with the Airstik makes it so much easier to create content anywhere. Now I don’t have to put a lot of thought and effort into setting up to film or scouting locations to figure out where I’m going to bring a big tripod or worry about who can take this photo. With the Airstick and the mini ring light, I can create so much more content.

It may be a lazy way of doing things but it’s so much more efficient than what I had been doing. I hope this helps someone like it has helped me. Happy content creating!