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The F.A.B Cocktail

Guess what? This is the 100th post on F.A.B Cocktail! To celebrate, let’s party with some cocktails!
While this blog pays homage to fashion and beauty, it is after all named “cocktail” deriving from the tag line “the perfect mix of fashion and beauty”. Because a cocktail is made of a mix of ingredients, I decided to create an official fabcocktail with vodka c/o ODDKA.
ODDKA is a unique and tasty vodka brand with flavors including Apple Pie, Wasabi and Electricity.
Thanks to the ODDKA team and a night of experimenting with flavors, the official fabcocktail is: The Banana-Rama
How to make it:

  • Electricity vodka by ODDKA – Find out where ODDKA is sold here
  • Strawberry Banana juice
  • Rainbow sherbet
  • A banana slice

fabcocktail ingredients
Depending how strong you like your cocktails, add a shot, or two, or a few of the Electricity vodka by ODDKA then pour in your strawberry banana juice. The brand does not matter but I’m partial to the Tropicana Farmstand juice. Then, include a scoop of rainbow sherbet. Again the brand does not matter but there’s a Meijer brand that tastes yummy. You can either let the sherbet melt on its own or stir it in for instant flavor. Finally, garnish the glass with a banana slice. You can also drop it in the cocktail for a boozy snack!
the fabcocktail
Cheers to everyone who has supported me on my blogging journey making this such a fabulous experience. I love you! xoxox
Feel free to drink (responsibly, of course) be merry and try the official fabcocktail cocktail – The Banana-Rama. Here are some other cocktails to try using ODDKA vodka flavors: 
Grannie’s Apple Pie: Apple Pie ODDKA Vodka, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Egg White
Summer Breeze Pitcher: ODDKA Original Vodka, Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Melon Liqueur, Apple Juice 
Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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  1. Taryn says:

    Thats my line! Boozey snack!

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