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Small Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

November 22, 2020

Yea, Amazon is great and all, but have you ever supported small businesses? That feeling is so AMAZING! Check out my list if small and local businesses to support this holiday season. I’ve indicated black owned businesses with a đź–¤ HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! Quarantine Bleach Co If you love tie dye, this is your go-to. Started in the midst of the pandemic, QBC is nothing short of fabulous. The…

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Wanderlust in Your Home City

August 6, 2019

If you’re from Michigan (excluding anywhere in the UP), chances are you’ll proclaim that you’re from “Detroit” when someone asks where you’re from. I’m personally guilty of this and you know you are too, person reading this! Although I typically claim Southfield as my home town, it’s just so much easier to say Detroit to those who aren’t from the area. Am I right?  But whether you’re from…

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Vacationing on a Budget

July 28, 2016

I have had the awesome opportunity to travel quite a bit so far this year. Since February, I have traveled to Punta Cana, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hawaii/San Diego, and Austin. God has blessed me with family, friends, and a great job which have put these opportunities in front of me, but I want to say life is short. The end is near. So take the trip! #WANDERLUST We all…