My Style, What I Wore

Summer 17 Recap

Dear Summer 2017,
Thank you for treating me well. You brought decent weather, super fun nights, and some cute fashion options. As summer gracefully comes to an end (I know we’re not there just yet) I’d like to recap because, well, this summer started out not that great and has the potential to end on a super high note!

5 great things about summer 2017:

  1. Lazy days by the pool and tan lines
  2. Mr. Orange – my new craft beer jam. You can find it at HopCat (shameless work plug 😉 )
  3. Target featuring one of my photos!
  4. Hoop earrings
  5. Bodysuits

This summer I found myself branching out style wise. I tried bodysuits and hoop earnings, two things I thought i’d never put on but fell in love. Fashion wise, bodysuits have been all the rage this summer. You couldn’t go wrong with a cute little bodysuit paired with some good boyfriend jeans, or denim shorts. They are stylish, comfortable (for the most part), sexy, and so simple.

Love a good bodysuit to accentuate lady-like curves and show off your best assets. Ladies, you’ve got to love yourself. Love your body and embrace what you’ve got. It’s OK to show it off a little, tastefully, of course. This bodysuit comes from Pitya, jeans too. It fits just right and gives off the right amount of sexy without going overboard. I’m all about sass with a little bit of class.

Enjoy the remainder of summer, friends! If you haven’t slipped into a bodysuit yet, let this be inspo.
**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.