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Easy Dinner Recipes

Quarantine has made me realize I will never ever take for granted having a meal prepared for me. The world as we know it will forever change and sitting down at a restaurant will become a modern luxury in the future.

While we continue to stay home and stay safe, you may come to realize that your recipes are getting stale. And I’m sure you’ve been searching for new dinner recipes to make at home that are easy and quick to make. Don’t worry, I got you covered on a simple, filling, and delicious meal. Plus it’s a family friendly recipe so the kiddos will be sure to enjoy as well.

Here’s my simple dinner recipe for a Mexican dip.

Mexican Dinner Recipe Ingredients:

Refried Beans


Shredded Cheese – Mexican Blend

Cream Cheese (I use low fat)

Taco Seasoning Packet

Taco Sauce (not pictured)

How to Make Mexican Dip: 

You’ll first want to cook your chicken. Season with your preferred seasonings then add half of the taco seasoning packet for extra taste. Once chicken is fully cooked – I prefer to grill, then you can shred. My favorite thing to use my KitchenAid stand mixer for is shredding chicken. No joke! It’s oddly satisfying! But if you don’t own one, shredding with a fork will do just as fine.

Once your chicken is shredded, line the bottom of your dish with the refried beans. Don’t forget this is a dip, so there are layers. Once the beans are at the bottom of the dish, spread in your cream cheese. I typically only use about half a pack. After the cream cheese is added, now it’s time for the chicken! Add in your shredded chicken and top it off with the remainder of the seasoning in the packet. Sprinkle to your liking and then pour in taco sauce. I always use mild because I have a sensitive pallet. For those who like a little spice, can kick it up with medium to hot sauce.

After the sauce is added, you’ll garnish the dish with cheese. Pop it in the over for about 10 minutes (or until golden to your liking) on 350. Let cool then enjoy!!

Although it may not seem like a lot, you have your beans and your chicken which provide a good amount of protein to get you full. Added bonus – chips for dipping! But I sometimes just eat the dip without the chip.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!** 

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