Shred415 Troy HIIT Workout

If one of your goals in 2020 is to get fit, raise your hand! Honestly, when is this not a goal? I personally have been making some changes after the holidays to get back to a comfortable and healthy place and Shred415 will be a key component on this journey.

I recently partnered with the gym and I am so happy I did. Full disclosure, I was slightly intimidated but after visiting Shred415 Troy, meeting the people and completing the workout without passing out, I knew it was a great fit. I am pretty excited to complete my next class and start to see some great results.

My first Shred415 class completed was arms and abs. The workout class was a combination of treadmill and floor work,  focusing on arms and abs. The classes encompass high intense interval training (HIIT) workouts with a BANGING playlist.

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, stop by Shred415 in Troy. The first class is free!

About Shred415:

Shred415 was founded by Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer in 2011. As longtime neighbors and friends, Bonnie and Tracy wanted to create an efficient and effective workout that integrated serious cardio and strength training while meeting the needs of those with a busy lifestyle. By combining their 25 years of fitness industry expertise and their shared vision for a more inclusive experience, they created a concept that offers much more than a workout—it offers a family-friendly, athletic environment where people of all fitness levels can come together to reach their goals.

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