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Listen, Linda. I’m about to be extremely transparent. It’s hard enough coming up with content, never mind a global PANDEMIC! So in this blog post, we’re going to celebrate men’s fashion and shopping local.

I took these photos of Jamarr with the intention of possibly writing a blog post but here we are in what feels like day 872 of quarantine and this is what I’ve got to share.

Is my man not the cutest though? I just want to take a moment and thank him for putting up with me and my photo shoots, but I know deep down he loves it and my photography skillz because he’s getting his own men’s fashion blog features out of it. 😉

Now back to the actual point of this post. Jamarr is wearing men’s spring fashion perfect for a day date or nighttime event. Of course these are fond memories of the past so think of it as men’s style outfit inspiration for when we’re allowed outside again.

Men’s spring fashion is honestly what you make it. But feel free to gather some men’s style inspiration from this guy right here. He’s donning some of his favorite kicks – LA to Chicago Jordan 1s and a very Detroit themed crewneck from Dirt Label, a Detroit local business. And to top it off, a fedora from H&M.

Don’t forget to shop local and shop small during this time. Small business owners need love too and Dirt Label always has some great pop culture and borderline inappropriate, but in good taste, tees and crewnecks for both men and women. Check out this homage to Tony Montana featuring toilet paper!

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!** 

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