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Remington Hair Wand Review

I know I’m riding the late train to hair wand town but surprisingly I had not tried one until just last week. A friend of mine celebrated her birthday on a night it was very humid and my hair ended up being poofier than normal once I walked out the door. When I arrived to her house she was using her hair wand and asked if I wanted to try as she could tell I was frustrated with how my hair looked. I used her Remington hair wand and immediately loved the results. My hair was still big, (I have naturally thick hair resulting in volume ALL the time) but the springy curls I got from using the wand worked well with the large nature of my hair at the time. So after that night I decided to purchase my own! 
Remington T Studio Hair Wand

I couldn’t find the one my friend owns but I found something similar. I purchased the Remington T Studio 1/2″-1″ slim curling wand from Target for $24.99. It is a quality hair product and even came with a heat protecting glove and has adjustable heat settings.
Before touching up a few pieces

Before touching up a few pieces

I curled my hair with the wand on Friday night and by Monday I still had solid results. I only had to touch up my bangs and a few pieces that frizzed up in my sleep. I love this wand because the curls actually last even though the night. A few of my coworkers even commented that my hair looks really soft and Beyonce-like! Thanks guys 🙂
After touch up

After touch up

Hair wand curls 2
If you have not yet tried a hair wand, I certainly recommend the Remington T Studio, especially for summer use. Styling is quick and the results are great. The wand can create springy curls or loose beach-like waves. What hair wand do you use?
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