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Why I'm Not Going to NYFW

As you may know, I have attended Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week for four seasons now and I have seen the week-long event transform before my eyes. NYFW is truly a life changing experience that I am very proud and honored to have been a part of.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center

However, things are different this 2014 season. Several reports have surfaced expressing the many changes being made to the elite production, but the change that is hitting home will leave bloggers like myself out in the cold. Starting this season, the number of bloggers invited to New York Fashion Week will dramatically decrease. Let me start off by saying though, I in some ways, understand the changes being made as fashion week was literally becoming a zoo. I have watched top editors screaming at PR girls and IMG volunteers because seat crashers have taken up spots in the first two rows.
New York Fashion Week was initially created to give buyers and top media a first look at designer collections. As the years went on and bloggers and freelance stylists became an intricate addition to the fashion industry, we too were invited along with the likes of  Nicole Phelps ( writer) and Rachel Zoe (Celebrity Stylist turned designer). With the number of quality independent blogs increasing, the number fashion week attendees skyrocketed. But there came a point where the tents at Lincoln Center and other venues were literally bursting at the seams and the solution was to eliminate the extra crowds.
Runway at the Zoo

Runway at the Zoo

Meanwhile, as I play devil’s advocate, independent bloggers and stylists who are truly passionate about the garments that come down the runway at NYFW won’t have the same experience as before while viewing collections behind a computer or phone screen. Although many of these passionate bloggers may not even be able to afford most of the clothing shown during the week, it is still at the same time these very bloggers who continuously write about and promote the designers that show at fashion week year after year. Yes the big name publications like InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar can tell the next guy about the 2014 F/W trends and designers to look out for but it’s the bloggers who fill the internet with information increasing the popularity of these name brands.
Backstage at Rebecca Taylor

Backstage at Rebecca Taylor

So with that, I will unfortunately not be attending NYFW this year. When I first heard the news of the fashion week changes I immediately decided to not even apply and/or expect any invitations this year. Of course there are other reasons why I am not going this year including the fact that I have been super busy recently (Many thanks to those who have been throwing opportunities my way, I am grateful more than you know!). But at the end of the day I am once again extremely happy that I have been able to attend NYFW in the past and I wish all the designers the best of  luck this season.
On a final note, I am looking into attending Toronto Fashion Week! I have been in discussion with a few other Michigan bloggers but if you read this and would be interested in attending Toronto Fashion Week as well, drop me a line and we can discuss it further!
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  1. Miss Jamila says:

    I would like to attend Toronto’s fashion week. When is it?

  2. Yep, I didn’t even feel tempted to go to the LFW… only to the after parties 🙂
    Last chance to enter the giveaway:

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