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The caffeine and faith collection is now live!

I once saw this post that said something along the lines of “working while working on myself, while working on my career, while working on my relationships, while working on my health, while working on work.” And I felt that on so many levels! Life is not easy. It has its ups and downs but what truly helps for me is caffeine for some energy and prayer to give me some faith. If you don’t have faith, you’re not going to make it through all of life’s challenges that are thrown at you. And well, if you don’t have that energy boost, then forget about it.

I am more of a Dunkin’ girl but Starbucks will always have a special place in my heart. I also enjoy low calorie energy drinks like Bubbl’r. These are my go-to for a nice caffeine fix. And for faith, I go straight to God. I read a good scripture, say some affirmations and send up some prayers. This is how I make it through chaotic days and the twists and turns of life.

I created this collection for everyone who is doing their very best. I want to inspire you all and let you know that you can make it through! Don’t worry about why something hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to, or why you got in that argument, or why you got that rejection. You will reach your goals in due time. Just keep the faith.

You can shop the collection here.

The caffeine and faith hoodie comes in white and black. The caffeine and faith t-shirt comes in black, heather grey and white. The caffeine and faith crewneck sweatshirt comes in black, royal blue and navy blue.