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Nailed It: 4 Tips for Your Natural Nails

While nail salons are opening back up, I have decided to let my natural nails continue to breathe and grown on their own. But best believe, I will be back soon for a fabulous new set of acrylic nails. I had acrylic nails and they were fabulous but right before quarantine I decided to get them taken off, just in case. 

Natural Nails

Read on for a few tips on how I maintain my natural nails.

Water Your Nails

When you’re at home giving yourself a little self care day and decide to paint your natural nails yourself, be sure to water your nails! Ok, so maybe they aren’t plants but there is some super cool scientific thing that happens with water and nail polish that helps them dry faster. Holing your painted nails under cold water for about 30 seconds can speed up nail polish drying time. But keep in mind not to immediately run to the sink. Give your natural nails a few seconds to air dry then put them under water.

Wash Your Nails

This is a weird one but I discovered recently that it actually works. We’ve all had that nail polish color that seeps into our nails and stains them – like a dark purple or deep blue. But don’t worry. Remove the nail polish as you normally would with nail polish remover and if any color remains, use soap, water and a wash cloth to scrub your natural nails in order to remove the color stain. It’s easy and leaves your nails super clean.

Nails and Sunglasses

Take your vitamins

Hair, skin, and, nail vitamins, women’s one a day vitamins and biotin help tremendously when trying to grow and strengthen your natural nails. There may be some trial and error when you’re first starting to find the perfect vitamins for you but if you want healthy, nails, your best bet is to take some sort of vitamins.

Freeze Your Nails

I saved this tip for last because not everyone loves the cold but this is actually my personal favorite nail tip. If you are looking for alternate ways to dry your nails faster, stick them in the freezer! Unlike nail tip number one, you don’t have to wait to stick your hands in the freezer. Right after your nails are painted, scurry to the kitchen and hang out by the freezer for 2-5 minutes and your nails will be completely dry! A few minutes of cold is totally worth it to cut down on drying time of your natural nails.

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