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Naked Nails

Here’s something you don’t see every day – me with no nail polish. I’ve been religiously wearing nail polish for about 6 years now and I typically switch up the colors once a week. Random fact about me: my nails and toes can’t be the same color!
Naked Nails
I decided I should let my nails breathe a little last week (it’s healthy to go without polish once in a while) but I felt far too empty without some color on my falangies. Note the yellowish tint in my nails in the photo above. That comes from nail polish stains but there is an easy fix to getting clear, clean nails again. All you need is lemon juice. To get rid of the yellow coloring caused by the use of polish (mostly darker colors) let your fingers sit in a bowl of lemon juice. Or if you’re feeling sassy stick your fingers in an actual lemon and twist it back and forth. The acid from the juice will clean your nails and return them to their natural color.
China Glaze InnocenceI know that photo of my naked nails may be an eye sore so here they are painted with Innocence. No, really. The color is called Innocence by China Glaze.  I also wanted to mention another polish must-have if you are a nail junkie like me. China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry Nail Polish Dryer drys nails quickly and leaves them extra shiny. It also has a cool, minty smell so it’s not unpleasant to the nose. Fast Freez Quick Dry

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