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My Favorite Sweater

My grandpa was my best friend. He was an amazing man and a true hero. Growing up with him being the only father figure in my life, we bonded on a level that exceeded granddaughter and grandfather. We were buddies, and I miss dearly!
me and grandpa
I miss my grandpa’s laugh, I miss his advice, and I miss his love. But one thing I don’t entirely have to miss is his style. Although he has physically left this Earth, he did leave us with great memories and a closet full of great clothes.
I had always admired my grandpa’s love for clothing. Maybe that’s where I get it from? He was always into snazzy shoes and the finest suits. So not too long after he passed, I decided to raid his closet and keep a few pieces for my own. After all, the androgynous look is still a thing.
Sweater Weather
I chose to keep this retro sweater, stained and all. It reminds me so much of my childhood with him and the fit is perfect. Although this is technically considered a “boyfriend fit” we’ll call it the “grandpa fit”.
Sweater Happy
Paired with an H&M hat, Old Navy booties and leggings, I created a comfy look honoring my grandpa’s style.
Hi Grandpa
I miss you grandpa, and I hope you’re proud of the woman I’ve become! Don’t be afraid to honor the loved ones you’ve lost in a fashionable way. <3
Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 
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