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What’s better than a man who dresses well with great style? A man with a great beard! 

If you’ve been following along with F.A.B Cocktail, you’ve met this handsome guy. His beard game is as strong as his shoe game, which is pretty great. But I must say, his beard may be one of my favorite features about him. 😍

Beard Oil Brand

Thanks to Mountaineer Brand, he’s been able to strengthen his beard even more. For the past 3 weeks, he’s put on beard oil and apple cider vinegar oil by Mountaineer Brand post shower; and just a little dab in the palm has gone a long way. 

All three products smell great. And if you’ve smelled apple cider vinegar, you know it’s quite harsh. This apple cider vinegar based product smells of clean citrus. He also sprays some on his bald head and it has improved the smoothness. Even I have felt the difference. 


He’s always had a pretty good beard but it seems like in the time he’s been using the Mountaineer Brand beard oils, he’s gotten a few more compliments than usual. 

Smooth and shiny beard –  
Smells great –
Strong beard –  

Thanks, Mountaineer Brand! 

Visit the website here to stock up on your beard oil and other products for beards. And ladies, don’t worry, they have products for you too! 

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**

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