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Living Legend Wallahi G

You ever make a new friend and a little bit into the friendship you think, “You really just fell into my life and I kinda fux with it!” That’s how things are going with my newfound friend, Giancarlo aka Wallahi G.
He randomly entered my life almost four months ago and he has been a pain in my ass, but most importantly, the friend I never knew I needed. He’s one of those people who has a contagious sense of humor, good spirit and motivation out of this world. And with that, I am proud to introduce you to song writer, hit maker, risk taker – Wallahi G.
Wallahi’s story:
He’s a recruiter by day, artist by night (or whenever he gets time away from his desk and feels inspired). He’s also a proud supporter of the City of Southfield, where I’m also from (shoutouts to the S). **Southfield made us, college changed us**

Wallahi has been into music for 15 years, but is fresh to recording having 1 year under his belt with his first project called “Funemployed”. It’s a compilation of tracks relatable to millennials, or anyone who likes to have a good time. He describes Funemplyed as “millennial-focused rhythm and poetry.”

Fun fact about Wallahi:
He left his management-based job at a well-known grocery chain, packed up and traveled through Central America for 6 months. If that’s not awesome and inspiring, I don’t know what is. During his travels, he fell in love with the culture, the people, and the architecture. He came back to the states to re-up on funds and create more music. His most recent release, and one of my personal favorites, “All I Need” ft. 2:19pm is a rap ballad chronicling his “lust issues”. Give it a listen here. I promise you’ll bob your head!

I won’t spill all the details on this young gent. Get into his music to learn more! Jam out on SoundCloud.
Oh, and Happy Birthday!!! <3

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.