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Life at New York Fashion Week

Even though New York Fashion Week just ended (sad face – is it September yet?) I wanted to share a little bit of insight into my life during fashion week.
First of all, I want to start off by saying that if you have any interest in fashion, beauty or the industry itself, try your hardest to make it to the Big Apple for fashion week. It’s seriously a life changing experience that quickly becomes a drug! The good kind, of course.
When I venture to NYC every February and September I stay in Brooklyn with one of my besties from college, aka my #1 fashion bitch Justin! Btw, you can check out his super fabulous blog here. We stay in constant contact about fashion all year long but when Feb. and Sept. roll around we’re inseparable. Fashion Bitches
When the invites start coming in that’s when the fashion week excitement hits. Insider secret: To get a nice little invite in your inbox to a fashion show you either have to apply to shows via PR companies or be incredibly fabulous enough to be invited without asking. But after you make connections with these PR companies, the invites begin coming with ease. I highly recommend SERIOUS bloggers, stylists, designers, models and fashion PR people to apply for access to fashion week!
Fashion Week Invite
Now let’s fast forward to arriving at Lincoln Center. Every year New York Fashion Week happens in high quality indoor tents at Lincoln Center. When you enter, hundreds of fashionable and sometimes oddly dressed people scamper about mingling, scrambling to get to their next show or wandering around celeb stalking and looking for free stuff. Let me tell you though, getting free stuff is quite fun. I am now a lifelong Fiber One Bar customer because of all the free Fiber One Bars I’ve been given over the past few seasons. But be careful leaving the tents. There are sometimes angry protesters who don’t like the fact that tons of fashion bitches camp out on NY property for an entire week.
But on the bright side if your outfit is cute enough, you could get stopped by fashion week paparazzi who ask you to pose for a photo to add to their street style blog. I was stopped by Essence Magazine this past season. Holler!
Fashion Week doesn’t only happen at the tents though. There are tons of shows that happen all around the city so packing the right shoes, buying a Metro Card for the subway and carrying enough cash for a taxi is a must. And just so you know, hailing a taxi in the middle of fashion week while its blizzarding may happen to you. Be prepared!
Snow shoes
The best part of fashion week though is seeing the actual fashion. It’s amazing how designers come up with stunning collections year after year and it’s even cooler to experience the clothes go down the runway and a few months later see them in stores, magazines or worn in public. Fashion Week is truly an amazing experience that is a million percent worth the time and effort. Plus you never know who you will run into!

Me + my fashion fairy god mother, June Ambrose

Me & my fashion fairy god mother, June Ambrose


3 thoughts on “Life at New York Fashion Week

  1. Liz says:

    Sounds so exciting and I can’t wait until I get to experience New York Fashion Week! But until I do I can count on you give me the scoop! 😉

    1. Jessica says:

      Push for September! (:

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