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Cookie Cutter Treats

Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

…That time I was craving a baked good instead of a savory dish. I wanted to bake something interesting and fun. So after scrolling through Pinterest for ideas, my creative juices got flowing and I decided to make my own version of Pop Tarts. But how would I put my own spin on it? Well, with none other than a cat shaped cookie cutter!

Cookie cutters are a great tool to make a dessert fun and creative. And there are so many options, too! *Thinks about the endless possibilities*

How to Make Pie Bites

**I wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to make homemade pie crust but go for it if you have the time!**

Unroll thawed pie crust and use cookie cutter to make cat shapes. Of course, any cookie cutter shape will work. I picked mine up at Michaels for 99 cents.

Fill with a fruit jam and seal the edges with a fork. These cat pie bites are filled with Raspberry Jam. Glaze with a dab of egg wash, then pop into the oven and bake at 375 degrees for 15mins or until lightly brown.

Let cool and outline in cookie icing. I chose black cookie icing to match my black cat – Paisley Rose. Let the icing harden and enjoy!!

The jam coupled with the icing makes for a perfect treat reminiscent of Toaster Strudels or Pop Tarts.

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous.