How To Make Your Car More Economical

Driving is a luxury. And how we treat our cars is important. The better care you take of your car, the longer it will last and the less money you have to put into it. And that means, more money on your pockets for other things! So how do you make your car more economical? Read on for some tips.

Check Your Tires

Your car has four of them, and if even one is under or overinflated, this could be causing you a lot of issues. Under-inflated tires can be very costly in terms of fuel wastage and in terms of wear and tear. They can affect your suspension and braking distances, the car will feel sluggish, and you could damage the rims if you go over something like a pothole. If your tires are out of alignment will cause suspension issues too. Over infrared types are just as problematic. They are far easier to damage for a start, plus they can affect braking distance and can be dangerous in icier conditions. Check your car’s manual and discover what PSI is right. Then go to pretty much any petrol station as the majority have an air and water area. 

Change Your Driving Style

Did you know the way you drive can have a huge impact on how how economical your car is? Your driving style can affect the car in so many ways. An aggressive style of driving, which includes things like rapid acceleration and harsh braking will mean you waste fuel, need parts sooner, and may cause you to have an accident. All of this can have a negative affect on your insurance too. If any this sounds something like you, you should look at ways to become a calmer and more relaxed driver. It will save you time and money and possibly a few aches and pains in the long run.

Get Rid of Any Junk

Are you one for having an untidy car that is crammed full of junk? A filled backseat, passenger seat, glove compartment and trunk? My car used to act as a second storage unit. Pro Tip: Remove anything that does not need to be there! The more weight you can remove, the further your car will go on a tank of gas. Perhaps the biggest piece of junk you need to get rid of is the car itself. If it is old and becoming unreliable and using more and more fuel, why not upgrade and go to a Land Rover Dealership, or a nice luxury dealer? Or maybe a fashion car is more your style. Treat yourself. Buy the new car!

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