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How to Get Brands to Work With You

The number one question I always get when I post a brand collaboration is, “Did you reach out to them or did they reach out to you?” Fortunately, almost all of the brands I’ve worked with have either come to me or have invited me to apply for a partnership in an influencer platform. So I decided I would share my experience and tips on how to get brands to work with you!

Stay consistent 

This is possibly the hardest but most important tip. I know a lot of people struggle with consistency, me included but if you want not only your audience but brands to see you, you HAVE to keep up with your content. 

Quality over quantity 

You absolutely don’t need thousands of followers to achieve brand partnerships. I know it’s daunting when you see your favorite influencer get that blue check and every other post begins with #sponsored or #ad but quite honestly, brands are becoming more willing to work with individuals with smaller audiences. Take me for example, I have less than 2k followers on Instagram but I have created a relationship with my followers and they are loyal! Shout out to you all! 💕 That’s what brands want to see. Are you interacting with your audience? Are you creating a sense of community? Will the brand be able to rely on you to effectively promote their product to your followers? Also, please don’t EVER purchase followers. Your audience AND brands will know!

Showcase clear imagery 

Sometimes it takes money to make money so start with investing in the right tools. You want to showcase to brands that you can create clear imagery they can share or repurpose. I’ve received notes that my Instagram page is very clean and bright. I use natural light as much as possible but my ring light has done wonders for my photos and video. I also use presets. Be aware brands may want untouched images but using a preset will create a cohesive esthetic for your page. I was fortunate enough to be gifted presets but there are plenty of options out there like Niky Presets.

Create a voice

It took me a minute to find my voice but I realized I really wanted to tell stories and inspire. Brands look for that in influencers they can partner with. While there are often restrictions of what you can post for a brand, they also want to work with people who can tell a story to essentially sell their product. 

Create a media kit

Having a media kit to showcase your work, your offerings and your data is important! You can reference it to negotiate a higher rate or use it to go after brands you actually want to work with. They can see your page but they can’t see the data behind it. Sharing a media kit will give them deeper insight into what you can actually offer them. I created my media kit with a template from Canva. 

Be willing to do the work

The biggest misconception about blogger/influencer life is that we just post cute pictures and get a check for it. There’s SO much that goes into it so if you actually want to work with brands you have to be willing to put in the WORK! As I type this, I have a pile of product images I need to shoot and post. You don’t just take a cute photo and throw it up on the internet. Theres so much more that goes into it like creating and telling a story, editing the caption, selecting hashtags, editing photos, getting approval from the brand, overcoming shipping delays when receiving the product, and adhering to posting deadlines. 

Now go get those brand deals!!

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**