How To Feel Like An American When Traveling In Australia

Australia is on the other side of the world from America (thanks to the size of the Pacific Ocean). So when you voyage to this distant land, you can feel a little discombobulated. Everything seems kind of the same, but also weirdly different. 

Fortunately, if you’re an American who struggles to feel normal Down Under, this post can help. We take a look at how to feel like a U.S. citizen, even as you brush shoulders with crocs and wallabies in the land of Oz. 

Stay In Touch With Home

First and foremost, you’ll want to stay in touch with home. Following the NFL or staying up to date with the latest news can make you feel more connected to your homeland. While Australia certainly feels different, maintaining your connection back home can take the edge off it. It reminds you that good old Uncle Sam is still there, waiting for you with open arms when you return. 

Explore American-Style Restaurants

You can also try exploring various American-style restaurants during your trip to Australia. As you might expect, the U.S. exports much of its food culture Down Under. 

Food is often the most essential element of making you feel like you are home. Having something delicious to eat that tastes familiar immediately makes you feel less homesick and encourages you to explore more. 

While all the big chains are in Australia, the best American-style diners are independent. You can find them in big cities, like Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast. 

Watch Your Favorite TV

These days, learning how to watch American Netflix in Australia is pretty straightforward. Most of the time, you just need to install VPN software on your computer. Then, you can appear to log in from a U.S. location, allowing you to watch your favorite shows. 

If that fails, you can always stream services from American platforms online while in your hotel room. CNN, Fox, and other big networks make their broadcasts available all over the world. 

Celebrate American Holidays

You might be in Australia, but you can also celebrate American holidays. Nothing is stopping you.

For instance, if you’re in Oz for Thanksgiving, fire up Zoom and connect to the family back home. You can also set off some fireworks on the Fourth of July to celebrate Independence Day. 

Find American Communities

If you will be Down Under for a long time, you might also want to find American communities in the area. These are all over the place and allow you to interact with fellow citizens, even overseas. 

What’s great about these groups is the sense of camaraderie. Overseas, everyone is in the same boat. While Australia might look similar to the U.S., something about it isn’t quite identical. It’s hard to put into work, but spending time with fellow Americans makes it more obvious. 

So, there you have it: some of the tactics you can use to feel like an American when traveling in Australia. Even if you are going for a long time, it’s a great way to never forget where you came from.