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HopCat Ann Arbor

F.A.B Cocktail strayed from fancy mixed drinks to sip on some good brew recently. Thanks to the blog’s official photographer, Andrea, I was able to attend the VIP grand opening of the ideal choice for good beer, HopCat Ann Arbor.
HopCat is a Midwest chain that has expanded its locations to the dirty D, aka Detroit and now the Deuce Deuce, Ann Arbor. Michiganders have been known to love their beer, resulting in the masses of beer snobs (including myself – fun fact: I really do enjoy more than just a fab cocktail), so HopCat bars in these areas are perfect attractions.
HopCat Ann Arbor is one of the more intimate HopCat locations having dim lighting with a cool, retro feel. When I first walked through the doors, I instantly felt like I was transported to a well-decorated basement from the 70s. With captivating graffiti wall paintings and vintage style bar chairs, this place was totally a cool spot to hang out. My personal favorite though, may have been the Rolling Stone Magazine topped tables. Every table in the bar was decorated with throwback Rolling Stone covers.
All HopCat locations have an extensive beer list but for the non beer drinkers, cocktails and wine are available, too. HopCat Ann Arbor has over 100 craft beers on tap with 30 local brews.
If you’re in Michigan or just stopping through, be sure to visit one of the hoppin HopCat locations and stay tuned for a new location opening soon in Wisconsin!
Which HopCat location(s) have you been to?
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Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea 

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