Helping Your Man Drive In Style Like A Modern Urban Fashion Icon

Driving elegance is a notion that links back to the first widely commercialized vehicles. The Ford Model T, the first affordable automobile, gave middle-class Americans access to a completely new kind of luxury. As such, owning a car was synonymous with a stylish and lavish lifestyle, the ideal accessory of the Golden Twenties. Drivers at the time would dress up for the drive, wearing specialist leather gloves, glasses, and sometimes even a driving coat.

One hundred years later, we might have given up on the driving gloves in urban vehicles, but there’s no reason to abandon all sense of elegance and style behind the steering wheel. The modern urban driver can be just as stylish, dashing, and sophisticated as his 1920s ancestors. 

He is the master of practical elegance

The tailcoat and stripe dress pants days are long over. Nowadays, the modern driver seeks elegant comfort that combines luxury feels and practical cuts. Ultra-light and comfortable materials need to encompass freedom of movement and thinking, representing the mindset of the modern man at the steering wheel. Yet, comfort doesn’t affect elegance. The modern driver is put together, using fabrics that manifest modern and sporty elegance without embracing the laissez-aller of loungewear. Tailored but loose pants, a contemporary jumper in carefully studied colours mark the everyday outfit of the urban driver. Tight pants or loose joggers are banned from the urban wardrobe, emphasizing simple sophistication and forward-looking thinking instead. In other words, the outfit marries driving comfort and good taste.

He stays away from unnecessary car modifications

The modern driver understands the importance of car gear. Yet, he injects elegance into his decision to improve the vehicle. Car modifications such as lowered car body, bulky bumpers or even dramatic colour wraps, are unnecessarily loud additions. The urban driver considers the impact of specialist car improvements on the look and feel of the vehicle, as well as long-term maintenance. Therefore, choices are made to deliver aesthetic and practical improvements. Tires and wheel packages are a favourite option for stylish car owners, who turn to specialists such as Ozzytyres for elegant wheel designs. Indeed, wheels can give the model a luxury feel. The alloy style makes the car unforgettably elegant, from a mesh design to a twin 5 spoke design while protecting the brake pads from urban corrosion. The car is also kept immaculately clean thanks to mobile car care. It makes all the difference.

The IoT of driving

The age of slick and smart vehicles has changed our relationship with the car. For modern drivers, the days of getting oily and dirty fingers while checking the engine are long gone. The urban car owner seeks automotive IoT that can connect the vehicle to a complex network. Just like IoT appliances are able to connect to your WiFi system to run updates and interact with your routine, vehicles could rely on IoT-connectivity to remain updated and safe. The vehicle’s performance is constantly evolving through fixes and updates sent by the manufacturer, making it safe on the road and more manageable. Additionally, car IoT also promises predictive and simplified maintenance, allowing the vehicle to troubleshoot issues and detect anomalies. The urban connected car needs to be convenient, smart, easy to use. 

Security and confidence at all times

Driving in a busy city exposes drivers to a variety of risks that could be out of their control. Collisions, road rage, and insurance frauds are some of the most frequent incidents to occur in an urban environment. However, upgrading the vehicle with specialist technology such as a dashcam can provide the perfect safety package for undisciplined and uncivilized drivers. Modern-day drivers can protect themselves from the unnecessary hassle of city traffic, using their dashcam as a witness that records every event. Additionally, the dashcam can also provide a line of defence for parked vehicles that are damaged by inattentive pedestrians or drivers, as the recording can be used legally. 

The case for driving shoes

Last but not least, urban drivers need to keep a pair of comfortable driving shoes in the car. While driving shoes are typically associated with women who are uncomfortable driving in heels, they can play a crucial role in your health and safety. Rainy days can cause soles to become slippery, hence losing their grip on the pedals. Additionally, attending special events requiring formal wear can make it uncomfortable for driving. Shoes that might be too stiff can affect movements and driving style. Keeping a pair of comfortable shoes inside the vehicle at all times can ensure the urban driver is equipped for long journeys. 

In conclusion, driving elegance remains an everyday reality. Today’s urban driver values comfort, style and practicality in his choices at the steering wheel. Whether he puts together a simple outfit for the drive or uses a new set of wheels to enhance the vehicle’s appearance, his priority is practical elegance.

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