Having a Healthier Weekend

In life we make good food choices, bad food choices, good drink choices, bad drink choices. During the week from Monday to Friday you may feel motivated and excited to get your body eating well and exercising more and having some balance with your sleep. For many people, though, the weekend is there and doing. You get to Friday night and go with your friends and then before you know it you’re stuck in bed on Saturday throwing up with a hangover hanging over your head. There is nothing worse than that feeling, especially when you’ve been so balanced and motivated all week long and then the weekend changes everything. 

The temptation to suddenly fall back on all of the good choices you’ve made through the week isn’t always there, it just happens because you’re having a social life. A hangover cure of greasy foods can rack up the calories and undo the deficit you’ve held all week in one meal. However, you don’t have to have a bad weekend just because you’re having your social life. You need to do what you can to have a weekend that is healthier and more like Monday through Friday, so here are our 10 tips to help.

  1. Plan a longer workout. While you already know that you cannot outrun a bad diet, you know that the weekends are the time that you have when you are most free. Instead of just a half an hour run over lunch during the week, you can use the weekend and go for a longer run or head to a gym class that you couldn’t squeeze in Monday through Friday. Try exercising for longer than you were doing weekdays, even if you have had a great night out the night before.
  2. Stick to the same eating habits. If you’re working in a calorie deficit during the week, you don’t need to overindulge at the weekend just because you’re not at work. Stick to your plan and pack snacks for when you’re on the go that you are not deviating from your schedule. Self sabotage does not have to happen on Saturdays and Sundays, and you are the person in control of that. But keeping in control of your calorie deficit, you can still enjoy yourself because you can plan ahead from eating out and you can plan ahead for sticking to water or diet sodas when you’re out with friends.
  3. Stick to your sleep schedule. While we’re talking about sticking to eating habits, make sure that you are going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time during the week. It may be tempting to sleep away on Sunday, but come Monday you’re going to regret the feeling.
  4. Get outside. Whether you go to the beach or you plan a hike, you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air over the weekend to really make a difference yourself. If you are stuck behind a desk five days a week, the one thing you’re going to want is some freedom and pressure, and that can be as easy as heading to your local park. You’re going to make your weekends a much healthier time if you ensure that you are getting out into nature.
  5. Relax. Having no plans is just as good as having plans. Take your time to just sit and be, go for a nap, read a book, just indulge in some binge watching TV if that’s what you want to do. You could have a couple of days about doing absolutely nothing else but just recharge for a long week ahead.

**This post has been contributed**