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G'Vine: The Fashionable Gin

So guess what? It’s thirsty Thursday! It’s the prelude to the weekend and I’ve got a great liquor company to share with you called G’Vine Gin. G’Vine Gin is known as the fashionable gin and it’s absolutely tasty.
I had the chance to chat with one of G’Vine Gin’s own, Audrey, to get all the fashionable details on G’Vine:

I love the name G’Vine. How did you come up with it?
We were looking for a name that would be intrinsically related to the product and be understood in any languages. We had several formal brainstorming, but the name G’Vine came up one evening while sipping a G’Vine & Tonic with friends and family! The G stands for Gin and Grape. And Vine relates immediately to the unique origin and base ingredient of our gin, the grape. Actually, if you read the name on the packaging, you can see Vigne in French which means Vine. Personally, I really like the way of how G’Vine sounds and rimes with Divine…
Since G’Vine is The Fashionable Gin, how do you personally associate fashion with your cocktails? 
G’Vine is a wonderful “accessory” for any fashionista, whether she enjoys it at home or at an event. G’Vine’s contemporary and sleek packaging, which refer to its roots in the beautiful south-western villages of France, where grapes grow and vine flowers ripen, is the unmissable bottle you need on your bar. G’Vine has been immediately embraced by the fashion industry: it’s been a partner of the Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for 3 years now where the Kissing Room, a gorgeous private lounge where G’Vine cocktails flow, welcomes designers and fashionistas view here and we just helped French Rebellion, a group of French designers, launching their brand at the New York Fashion Week. I personally try to stay classy in all circumstances and have my favorite accessory, a hat.
G'Vine hat
What is your favorite drink to make with G’Vine?
For me, cocktails are like clothes: it depends on the weather, the occasion and my mood. The equivalent of a flowery dress and straw hat for a picnic or petanque would be a bright G’Vine and tonic served in a large wine glass with lots of ice cubes. For an evening on a rooftop, I would opt for a G’Vine Basil Smash mixing gin, basil leaves, lemon juice and a tiny dash of simple syrup: sophisticated yet not pretentious. And for a festive occasion or celebration, the little black dress with a colorful accessory is a must and pairs perfectly well with a French 75, a traditional cocktail made with G’Vine, June liqueur, lemon juice, and champagne.
Where can G’Vine be purchased?
G’Vine can be found in any upscale liquor stores in the US. In New York, that would be Astor Wines, Park Avenue Liquor, 67 Wines, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, Winfield Fynn, just to name a few. And you can always purchase it online through websites like DrinkUpNY.
Will G’Vine just top at Gin – what’s next for the company? 
G’Vine has already welcomed a few other members in its family since its creation in 2006: June, a delicious liqueur made from the flowers of grapes; Excellia, a handcrafted tequila aged in Sauternes wine and Cognac barrels; and we’re about to launch a brand new vermouth on the American market. It’s all about grapes for us!
G'Vine Gin

Myself along with a few friends have personally tried the gin and we all agree that it’s an honestly good drink. It goes down smooth and the flavoring is perfectly light and refreshing. Enjoy and drink responsibly!
Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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