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Five Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

The world is a crazy place right now but we’ve got to take some time to relieve some stress and live life to the fullest. Read on for some tips on hw to de-stress, de-clutter and live life to the fullest in 2021.

Make time for friendships

We all know that good friends and family help us to de-stress, feel good about ourselves, and provide support. But, did you know that research shows that friendships can also help us live longer and keep our brains healthy as we age? Interesting, right? This is why spending time with good friends (and family members) is so important! Not only will it help bring you joy, laughter, and support when you need it most, but it will help us live longer? Count me in!

Try not to over-stress or worry too much

With the ups and downs of life, a certain amount of both is inevitable – and don’t beat yourself up about it! – but try to keep it in check. The Good Housekeeping health team recommends scheduling a daily worry space to allow yourself to think about what’s bothering you. If you feel anxious at other times of the day, tell yourself to put it on hold for later and use a distraction such as doing the crossword or playing Sudoku to keep your mind off it.

Figure out your passions in life

It could be baking, reading, travelling, reading or even watching birds fly over your garden. Make time in your life to enjoy your hobbies as they induce relaxation and improve mood. Hobbies such as knitting have even been proven to relieve pain, as research shows it can bring on a meditative-like state, which helps reduce stress and pain and promotes general wellbeing. One thing that I love is anything fashion related. Shopping, putting together outfits, and more – I love it all and it’s definitely one of my passions.

Another part of this is just taking the plunge and doing what you are passionate about. It’s one thing figuring out that you have a passion, but then acting on that is a totally new ballpark. Think about it. You could live the life of your dreams. Take the big risks that will make your life more worthwhile. Tell someone you love them. Ask for that pay raise. Or quit your job. Start your own business. Learn a new skill (no matter how old or untalented you think you are). Publish your memoir. Dance in the kitchen for no good reason. Throw a household house party with your immediate family. Because why not? You can craft your life anyway you want. As long as you don’t hurt or harm people in the process, take the plunge and make your passions and dreams become a reality.

Only keep what you need

Keeping what you need and getting rid of everything else is a challenge, to say the least. I mean, as a fashion lover, I have a hard time going through my closet and giving things away, but it’s necessary because one day, if you didn’t weed through the things you don’t need, your closet would start to overflow and your life would become very stressful. Whether you know it or not, having clutter is a huge stressor and that’s why living a minimalist lifestyle is so popular now-a-days with a lot of people. While I don’t think everyone is ready for or wants to live a minimalist lifestyle, getting rid of some things along the way can only help your stress levels, which will help you find your potential in life and live it to the fullest. Not sure what to do with your stuff that you’re giving away?

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-For clothing and blankets, consider giving them away to people in need, or you could sell them on the Facebook marketplace, ebay, poshmark, etc.

-For other random items, have a yard sale, consider Mercari or Facebook marketplace, or see if your friends could use any of the items.

Do good deeds

Ask anyone who does good deeds each day, and they’ll tell you that doing acts of kindness changed their lives. You can live your life as a grouch, feeling miserable, and never knowing why, or you can push yourself to plan one good deed each day. It can be as simple as wishing someone a happy birthday or as elaborate as organizing a charity event. By shifting your daily focus to doing good deeds, you’ll be living life to the fullest. After all, at the end of your life you’ll be thinking about your legacy. What better way to celebrate your life than by helping make life wonderful for others. But the best part, is that no matter how depressed, anxious, or miserable you are today, you’ll see huge improvements in your own well-being while doing acts of kindness for others. It just brings joy out in everyone!

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**