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Fall Fashion Tips for Men : Guest Post by Lapel Bar

Even though temperatures have been delightfully warm lately, we got a glimpse of fall weather last week with the crisp chill in the air. Fall is peaking at us around the corner, so that means it’ s time to get our fall wardrobes ready. Special thanks to Pharaoh of  fashion consulting firm, Lapel Bar based here in Detroit, for sharing a few style tips for men this fall!
Read on to find out what fashion must-haves every man needs for the fall season:
A Stylish Denim Jacket:
A denim jacket can heighten any outfit. A denim jacket will be the perfect protection for those awkward chilly nights where you’re undecided on if you want light jacket or not.
Denim Jacket for Men
Whether you’re in Detroit bracing the unexpected drops in temperature or on the east coast where most nights require a jacket, there are plenty of options that help make a denim jacket very stylish.
Stylish denim jackets can be found within a price range of $70-$85 at such retailers such as Levi’s, American Eagle, and Macy’s just to name a few places.
The Classic Chukka Boot: 
For adults with a sense a style, the Chukka Boot has made its return, and fashion experts seem to agree that they’ll stick around for years to come. Whether you’re dressed casual wearing chinos or jeans, chukkas will always present an added extra flair to your feet.
A nice brown chukka can be worn with multiple colors as it helps to complement the outfit that is being worn. To add a bit of style, look to cuff your pants leg to accent the boot along with giving the boot more visibility to the eye of the beholder.
Chukka Boots
With durability playing a large factor in purchasing of shoes, Chukkas have been known to hold their value as they will not fall apart in a matter of months. Chukkas can be found within a large price range ranging from $75-$200. Various retailers will have plenty in stock. These retailers include Cole Haan, Aldo, and Kenneth Cole.
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