fabcocktail Spring/Summer Launch pt. 1

Hi all my fabulous friends! This may or may not be a sappy post because I can’t get over how grateful, thankful and blessed I am to have support from family, friends and even strangers on my journey of fabcocktail.

If you would have told me even just five short years ago that I would own my own business and be selling my own merch, I would have laughed! I had never had the drive to actually own my own business until recently, but I always knew I wanted to someday build a brand. While the pandemic was rough for some, it was a blessing to many.

Being forced to sit still, pray and think about my future and what I was most passionate about, led me here today. I realized I was passionate about fashion but also inspiring others, being authentic and telling stories. I’m still learning and growing with each day that passes but I know that this is something I absolutely love and what I’m meant to be doing. I love inspiring others and that’s what fabcocktail is all about. While it stands for the perfect mix of fashion and beauty, it has evolved over the years into something bigger. It’s a lifestyle! It’s a brand!

The idea to create a new collection came when I was working with a mental well being coach (something my 9-5 offers that I am truly grateful for!). We were talking about my goals and how I can get there so I started praying about it more and it just came to me! I also knew I wanted to upgrade my supplier so I started doing more research and found something new. The new products I am offering are limited but mighty and oh are they fun!

The denim dad hat comes in three colors with the fabcocktail logo embroidered. And then there’s my personal favorite, the fabcocktail windbreaker. It comes in my favorite color – chartreuse (safety green) and black. It has a drawstring adjustable bottom, hood and kangaroo pouch pocket. It’s the perfect lightweight jacket for running errands, the gym, golfing, boating, pretty much any activity you can think of!

Someone wise once told me, go all in or not at all. So here we go, my fabulous friends! Thank you so much again for all of your support.

Click here to shop the spring/summer apparel.