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Essentials to Sexy with Adore Me

This summer I have been dabbling a little more on the sexier side, letting my freak flag fly! Ok, not so much, but I have come out of my shell more than ever before. So I am excited to share my sexy summer essentials with Adore me. 🙂
What gets you going ladies? What makes you feel the best you? For me, it’s a great bra (and panties) the perfect pair of shoes, and the right accessories. Also, something I used to never really touch is lipstick. I finally found a brand that enjoy, so I’m more than willing to put on a good lippie to complete my sexy look.
Adore Me 1
Think about it, when you have a good looking bra and panties that feel good too, it just makes you feel even better about yourself and your look.
Adore Me 2
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