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Dinner with my Grandpa

I recently engaged in an Instagram story from @lovely_ritaaaa (fellow Chippewa – fire up chips!) asking “What 5 people would you want to have dinner with – dead or alive?”

I thought, what a great question, and created my list.

  1. Obama – because, duh!
  2. Kim Kardashian – Let’s be honest, she’s the reason the influencer movement exists and she’s a very smart business woman. I’d love to pick her brain.
  3. Lady Gaga – I have Lady Gaga lyrics tattoo’d on my body. If anything, this should give you an indication that I’m a pretty big fan. I started listening to Gaga in college and her music helped me create lasting friendships which have helped mold me into the woman I am today. Bonus, she seems like she’d be a good time.
  4. Jesus – again, because, duh! I’d love to thank him face to face for all my life’s blessings; present, past, and future.
  5. And finally, my grandpa – I miss him SO MUCH. He was my best friend and I would love to just hug him and kiss him once more. I’d also love to hear one of his jokes. He was known for telling dirty jokes haha! I love you, grandpa!

Because I miss my grandpa, and unfortunately can’t have dinner with him, I thought why not honor him but make it fashion? After his passing, my grandma let me keep a few of his items of clothing. One being this sweater. It even still has stains on it, which were probably from spaghetti or smothered pork chops, his favorite dish to make.

I paired his sweater with a leather skirt from H&M and my snake skin booties from Boohoo and sipped some wine at The Royce in his honor. ❤️

Who would you choose to have dinner with?

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**


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