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Fashion Tips

Boss Energy Defined

November 18, 2021

To me, a boss is someone who is about their business. Someone who works extremely hard and exudes class. Someone who is fierce. Someone who is confident in their ability to make it happen! There was a point where I hit a dark place and I realized it was time to exude a different kind of energy. I knew I had to boss up if I wanted to…

Fashion Tips

Five Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

February 18, 2021

The world is a crazy place right now but we’ve got to take some time to relieve some stress and live life to the fullest. Read on for some tips on hw to de-stress, de-clutter and live life to the fullest in 2021. Make time for friendships We all know that good friends and family help us to de-stress, feel good about ourselves, and provide support. But, did…

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Men's Fashion: Defining Your Style

April 22, 2019

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the man behind most of my instagram photos – my boyfriend. Thank you for doing your best to hit those angles, baby! Now, to celebrate you, you get your very own blog post! Since the first day I met you, I’ve admired your style. Your ability to confidently define what you love in fashion is inspiring. So here’s some…

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Mixing it up with Prints

October 24, 2017

Can we all agree that rules are made to be broken? If everyone followed the rules, life would be boring, right? I’m not going all criminal on you guys, but I do think the riles of fashion should surely be toyed with. Like wearing white after Labor Day, or pairing brown with black, or mixing prints and shades. Sometimes you gotta say screw it and do what you…

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Summer Essentials: ThirdLove

June 30, 2017

Summer essentials: Sunnies ✔️ Hot pants ✔️ Strapless bra ✔️ Summer calls for fun, flirty looks, so you can’t forget how essential a good strapless bra can be! When you’re wearing your favorite tank or strapless top, what do you use for support? thirdlove offers simplistic yet supportive bras that will leave you pleased. If you’re like me and love a good bare shoulder top to compliment the…