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Here’s a random fact on the topic of breasts: 8 in 10 women don’t know their correct bra size. If you’re a woman reading this, can you confidently say you know your correct bra size?
Don’t feel badly if you don’t because Busted Bra can help! Busted Bra shop is opening its bra boutique doors on Nov 7 and will change the way women in Detroit care for their breasts. Busted Bra owner Lee Padgett saw the need for a bra shop in the city of Detroit because after all,  “There’s more boobs than people in the city,” said Lee. 53% of Detroit’s population are women and women need bras. A bra is the one item that all women wear everyday.
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But women even outside of Detroit can flock to The Park Shelton where Busted Bra Shop Detroit is located and get fitted for a proper sized bra, as well as purchase bras and underwear. Busted Detroit offers bras ranging in size from 30A-54K and cup sizes up to N. Busted Detroit also carries lingerie, panties, boy shorts, thongs, bustiers, robes, sports bras, training bras and specialty laundry flakes by City Girl Soap.
I was able to sit down with Busted Bra owner Lee and talk boobs and bras. Here are some of her helpful hints:
  • Every woman should have at least three bras: one to wear, one to wash and one to rest.
  • The bridge of the bra (the triangular part in the middle) should be completely flat on your chest.
  • To determine if your bra fits correctly, raise your hands above your head. If any portion of the bra lifts from your body, the bra does not fit properly.
  • Always air dry your bras; or anything with elastic.

Busted Detroit carries high quality brands in store including Goddess, Fantasy, Huit8, Curvy Couture and Panache offering a special sports bra to give 83% less bounce. Bras at Busted Detroit range from $38-$79 and panties are $5-$40.

Lee requests that women are properly fitted at Busted Detroit by a knowledgeable as she wants women to walk out feeling beautiful with a bra that’s just right.
Busted Bra Shop
Busted Detroit’s grand opening will be Nov 7 on Noel Night in Detroit but you can currently shop anytime from anywhere on the Busted in Detroit Facebook page.
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