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Boss Energy Defined

To me, a boss is someone who is about their business. Someone who works extremely hard and exudes class. Someone who is fierce. Someone who is confident in their ability to make it happen!

There was a point where I hit a dark place and I realized it was time to exude a different kind of energy. I knew I had to boss up if I wanted to reach my goals. Then it hit me. Boss Energy!

When you put out a certain type of energy, you attract it right back. The same goes for prayer and manifesting. Pray for favor and put out good vibes and you’ll get it right back. The timing may not be how you think it’s supposed to happen but once you start putting out that boss energy, you’ll feel a shift.

This collection is for everyone who has a dream, a goal, a prayer. Let’s put out that Boss Energy and make it happen!

Also part of the collection is the pray, slay, repeat slogan hoodie. Click the Shop tab or visit here to shop the Boss Energy collection by fabcocktail.