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Best Wireless Earbids

So you want to know where to find the best wireless earbuds? The search ends here. I know Apple Air Pods and Samsung Galaxy Wearables are pretty popular but if you’re looking for affordable and quality wireless earbuds, try Senso.


SENSO is an electronics and gadgets brand selling products mainly through Amazon. When the company reached out to me about these True Wireless Earphones, I was honestly excited. While I love Apple and all its products, I refuse to pay more than $100 for earphones. And I was in the market for a new pair anyway.

Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Although most gyms are still closed, at home workouts are still a thing. So is a good jam session! Do you ever just rock out in the mirror and have a full blown concert with your beauty products and toilet paper as your audience? I know that can’t just be me!

Also known as SENSO Wings, these wireless earbuds are great for workouts and dance parties alike. They also are sweatproof, noise canceling, have a mic (touch to talk) and 40 hours of playtime for music. Not to mention, these babies are in my price range. Totally worth it for $59.97. The SENSO Wings Wireless Earbuds also come in a cute, compact charging case. So I’ve been taking them with me on the go. The other day I spent over an hour waiting for my tire to get fixed (got a flat in the mean streets of Michigan) and had my earbuds handy to listen to some tunes and help pass the time.

You can purchase your SENSO Wings wireless earbuds here on Amazon or feel free to shop my page.

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