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Beauty – It’s Personal

When it comes to beauty, it is more than skin deep. But what is it really? For each individual human, it is something different. Some people will look at a burned-out car and see the exciting shapes and colors, others will hate it. Much like art, it is personal preference. But, it is hard to deny the art and skill in a well put together an outfit, or a perfectly applied cut crease. There is a reason beauty YouTubers and bloggers are so big. They take significant trends from designers and teach people how to achieve those looks. And, in many cases – they set trends too.

Many beauty trends are about individualism and expression. From a venom tongue piercing to slicking on red lipstick to perk yourself up. You turn yourself into an exquisite canvas. 

Millions of people are now beginning to explore the skincare and beauty world who didn’t before. Bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers have delivered accessibility and skills into the homes of people globally. 

Confidence is a big thing, everyone has to start somewhere though. The basics? 


Your skin is the base for everything. Most of us neglect to moisturize our whole body. If you are looking for budget-friendly ways to inject some moisture, there is no better way than drinking the recommended daily amount of water. Coconut oil is also another great way to get baby-soft skin in a matter of days. For your face, you are looking ideally at a three-step minimum routine. 

Double cleansing is a must, the first time to remove the most dirt and makeup, the second to mop up the leftovers and for your skin to get the benefit of the ingredients. Second, a toner this will lift off dirt and help balance out your skin’s PH levels. The third is moisturizing. You can, of course, add oils, serums, eye creams and more – but getting the basics down is where you should start. 


It can be hard to find your true style. Most of us wear what is convenient and fits with our lifestyle. But you can often find pieces that work with your life and the style that you would prefer. If you are looking for inspiration, but you know the style that you like, head to Pinterest and type in the style of clothing and accessories you are looking for. Make a few notes and next time you need to buy something, try to stick to your list. 


Some people love to wear a heavy layer of makeup, with bright colors, contoured to perfection, and highlighted to the gods. Others like a natural, minimum makeup look. If you struggle with techniques and color matching, then there are a few things you can do. 

Head to your local beauty counters and as for a few foundation matches. The lighting can often mean you don’t get the right shade, so ask for sample pots of three shades that are the most likely to match you, and test them at home. Oxidation of foundation will play a big part in how closely it matches you – or not. As will your natural undertone

The next thing you can do is head to youtube and type in some of the styles you really want to work on, and follow some tutorials with your own makeup. 

Always remember that beauty is a personal thing. If you feel great in jogging bottoms and a hoodie then great, if you prefer to be totally glammed up – then do it! 

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