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Alyxia Leaf Jewelry

I recently entered a blog giveaway on The Moda Intersection on a whim and actually won. Thanks Rafflecopter for randomly selecting me name! My winnings arrived to my home in the form of a beautiful necklace and earrings by Alyxia Leaf.
Alyxia Leaf
Alyxia Leaf is a unique jewelry company based in NYC that creates beautiful crafted pieces made of actual leaves fond in nature. Before a piece becomes a part of a collection, it goes through a rigorous design process that takes about two months to complete. Alyxia Leaf first gathers the finest grown leaves from both Australia and the United States, and then preserve them for two weeks to keep their freshness. After gathering and selecting leaves (or one of our other natural  selections), they go through the electroforming process at our Kentucky design studio. Through special techniques, leaves are transformed into amazingly intricate pieces of jewelry.
Pic 2
Pic 3
These are the perfect fall accessories as they have a fantastic earthy feel and are offered in a range of colors that easily compliment a fall wardrobe. Of course Alyxia Leaf can be worn year-round but I’m loving that the leaves are falling outside and I can wear pieces to match.
Here’s how I styled my Alyxia Leaf necklace and earrings.
Pic 1
I paired my fabulous new jewelry with a fun pair of paisley Zara pants to compliment the color of my necklace and a white H&M blouse to pull the look all together. Be sure to visit the Alyxia Leaf website to check out the entire collection.
Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous*

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