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A Military-Inspired Gift from Mom

You know the saying mother knows best? Well, she sure does! And when she asks you if you want to go shopping, always say yes! Always.
If you know me, you know my mom and me are very close. Everyone literally thinks we’re sisters, and not just because of our looks. But beyond that, my mother knows my style and knows that I very much enjoy clothes and accessories. That’s why she offered me a fab little shopping spree as a Christmas present. Thanks, Mumma!
The outcome? This amazing Ralph Lauren military-inspired utility jacket found at TJ Maxx. There were other great treasures like a Kate Spade bag and Rebecca Minkoff bright orange wallet, but this jacket was a standout piece.
Sip my tea
Now that the weather is breaking, I can finally bring this little baby out to play. It’s perfect for a slight chill and fully equipped with a hood for days when I’m caught in the rain. **Plus it’s reminiscent of my grandpa. Thank you grandpa and all my favorite vets for your service!**
Ralph Lauren
We’ve known the military look to be quite trendy for several seasons now, with camo print pieces and boyfriend fit army green jackets, and the look is still going strong as a key player in fashion-forward wardrobes.  So don’t be afraid to add some military-esque gear to your collection. And the next time your mom asks you to go shopping, do yourself a favor and go! You never know what great finds you’ll stumble upon and she’ll treat you to.
Ralph Lauren Military Jacket
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Photo Credit: Developed. Photography by Andrea
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