A Man’s Guide To The Classy-Casual Look

Looking at men’s fashion through one prism is sadly, more common than you might think. To be honest, there are so many styles and categories out there that you may not be taking advantage of, including the classy approach. 

In the Summertime

During summertime, or boating season, you may see classy men in sport jackets. These are jackets with just one button, made to be worn in warmer weather. The material is almost always cotton and the jacket is lightweight. These custom suits that are part of the Isaia Napoli collection are some of the best in this style. Thin yet strong, this clothing is for the man who wants to look well-groomed but is no stranger to fun. Best worn in a relaxed atmosphere, every man should have at least one sport jacket in his wardrobe.

Tanning in the sun

The best time to wear casual clothing is when it makes sense, but just what kind of shoes should you wear for such a day? Tan summer brogues are seasoned veterans when it comes to casual fashion for men. They are by far the number one choice for footwear because they go with almost anything. The detail on the shoes known as ‘broguing’ is where the name comes from. The shoe is given extra support on the outside because the material used for the body of the shoe, is lightweight. The holes allow air to flow freely in the shoe, making your feet less sweaty which is perfect for the hot days.

Chilling in chinos

For your bottom half, look for linen chinos. Chinos are already lightweight, but linen allows your legs to breathe. There’s less chafing because the material is softer than standard cotton threads. Chinos are made to be worn with sport jackets and casual summer shirts. Still taking on the look of dress trousers, they retain a classy look and contour of your legs. A far better choice than baggy jeans.

For men who want to maintain a classy look, there is a whole new venue of casual clothing for you. Sport jackets are incredibly comfortable and made to be worn without being buttoned.

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