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A Brief Guide to Fasting

Why You Should Go on a Fast

Have you ever felt lost? Like nothing was going as planned and you were just existing with no purpose? I recently felt this way and my solution was to fast. My unhappiness was overwhelming and I needed time to just stop and figure things out. Fasting helps you listen to God and learn His plans for you.

By no means is fasting easy but it’s helpful, cleansing, and powerful. If you make the decision to fast, you’ll come out of it feeling much better about aspects of your life you weren’t even thinking of!

I decided to fast once I realized things in my life were spiraling out of control. My relationship was getting difficult, my friendships were getting hard to manage, I was crying about work daily, I was extremely unmotivated to blog, and my anxiety was through the roof! Overall, I felt like I lost my purpose. But as I was listening in on an Epic Fab Girl prayer call, the CEO, Candace, shared her fasting experience. The very next day I was talking to a friend feeling extremely similar to what I had felt and she mentioned she had just ended her fast. It was a very clear sign I needed to fast.

How to Fast

First, you’ll need to decide what you want to give up and for how long. Fasting means abstaining from certain foods, drinks, or activities for a certain period of time. Fasting can be for religious purposes or physical and mental health reason. I chose to give up television, alcohol, Instagram, and group chats. I also made it a point to pray and read scriptures in place of watching TV or scrolling through IG. I also started a prayer journal to write down my prayers and created a Google Doc with helpful scriptures.

Praying During a Fast

I gave up everything listed above for a solid two weeks but didn’t feel right in my gut to jump full force back into everything so I slowly started easing my way back on social media, into group chats and sipping cocktails. The time spent fasting, being quite and still helped me refocus and get in a better headspace. I’ve also seen several of my prayers come to fruition. I feel God is working overtime in my life and I have faith that something huge is right around the corner. My favorite part of the fast was praying. I remember sitting in my room one day crying about a situation. I called out and asked Him to give me an answer and He did. I was able to hear Him because of the fast. Because I took time to be quiet and cut out a lot of noise in my life.

Whether you are religious or not, fasting is a great way to slow down and search for answers about any uncertainty in your life. However, I HIGHLY recommend saying at least a few prayers. God listens. ❤️

**Thanks for reading; you’re F.A.Bulous!**

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