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4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

The way you feel about yourself greatly influences how you live and interact with others. If you are confident about yourself, you tend to see yourself positively and actually enjoy spending time with and around people. You don’t feel self-conscious or awkward around others, and that allows you to live your fullest and happiest life. However, if you’re drowning in a sea of self-doubt, hesitancy and shyness, you often withdraw and isolate yourself from others and avoid interacting and connecting with people. That anxiety you feel in the pit of your stomach when you are around people is holding you back greatly and it is not good for your emotional health and overall well-being. You need to do something about it if you are low in self-confidence or have friends or family members who are not confident…but if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, it is definitely easier said than done. To boost your confidence, you really need to be intentional with it, and if you are working towards this goal, then keep reading along to hear a few ways to boost your confidence:

The world is not focused on you

If you feel like everyone is staring at you as you enter a room, or talk to a group, it can feel very overwhelming. So much so that it can lead to anxiety and sometimes, depression, too. But, one thing to remember that might help is that the world (and probably most of the people around you in a room) is not focused on you, all the time. That means you don’t have to be excessively sensitive about who you are or what you are doing (or not doing). You are not on the center stage and there is no need for preoccupation with self and perfectionism. Forget about trying to please everyone or being perfect. Trying to be perfect and being a people-pleaser puts too much pressure on you and creates unnecessary anxiety. Plus, it’s just not do-able. Besides, people are too preoccupied with their own issues to pay much attention to your every move. Now, if someone famous is reading this, you might not want to take this piece of advice because everyone probably is staring at you. 😉

Shift your focus to others

If you are low on confidence, self-conscious, nervous, and shy in social situations, focus your attention on other people and what they are saying or doing instead of focusing on your own awkwardness. For example, think about what it is that is interesting about the person who’s the centre of the party or the guy or girl you are talking with. Prompt them to talk more about themselves and be genuinely curious and interested in what they say. You will instantly come across as confident and warmhearted. People generally want to talk about themselves, be heard and understood. They will love it when you’re eager and willing to listen to them and really hear what they have to say. This habit of focusing more on what you love in others as opposed to what you dislike in yourself will not only help you become more assertive and comfortable in virtually all social situations, but also instantly make you feel great about yourself.

Know who you are – and then accept it

There is never a point in trying to be someone else. You have to know who you are first, and then accept it. We all have our own unique gifts and unique ways of expressing ourselves. Embrace yours! However, for a lot of people, it can be hard to really accept ourselves, because of a mental block, prior trauma, or something else. If you are experiencing this, it might be time to talk with a professional counselor, such as the ones at Ray of Hope Counseling Services. If you need a therapist Peachtree City, they can be there to help you learn more about yourself, and they can help you work through any problems that you might be experiencing, as well. They offer group therapy, family counseling, individual counseling, and so much more. They even have play therapy for those with children! I truly believe that everyone can benefit from counseling, no matter if you see it or not. We can always work on bettering ourselves and learning more about why we do things, so if you are interested in starting counseling sessions, I would definitely check out Ray of Hope!

Start exercising

Working out is another great way to make yourself feel amazing and confident. Science has shown that exercising increases your endorphins, helps reduce stress, tones your muscles and makes you feel happy and confident. And hey, all you have to do is take a walk a few times a week and you’ll see the benefits. What seems to matter, as far as your confidence goes, is whether you break a sweat, not how strenuous your session is, which is pretty cool. Start working out now.

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